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I’ve been DYING to get out of town. I usually travel a lot more than I have been recently, so I’m growing restless. That, combined with the fact that Aaron and I haven’t been spending much time together lately, lead to us agreeing to take a mini “staycation.”

We thought about going to San Diego, in fact, we decided to go to San Diego and I was excited about it. When I realized that you could stay on a boat in San Diego through Airbnb, I got even MORE excited. Once I mentioned the boat option to Aaron, we were sold on an ocean-bobbing San Diego overnighter.

Of course, I found a way to mess it up…

When I searched for boats in San Diego, apparently it brings up boats near San Diego as well. I narrowed down my search to boats that were okay with a minimum of one night, and ones that weren’t too expensive, and ones that had owners that actually got back to me, and then there was one. We exchanged info, the owner seems awesome and super helpful, etc., I booked the date and paid. And then I realized… the boat is located in LONG BEACH. How did I miss that? “Long Beach” is in the freaking TITLE! I’m a jackass.

So… I guess we’re going to Long Beach. And you know what, I’m excited about it! I’m excited to relax on a boat, bobbing in a harbor full of people enjoying the ocean. I’m excited to spend some alone time with that guy I married. And I’m very ready to NOT be staring at a computer screen aaaalll day looooong. My eyes and my brain need a break.

Long Beach harbor, here we come!

Now, because every post is better with photos. Here are some recent photos of my beloved family:

Even Jackson thinks I need to take a break from the computer.

An adorable photo of Aaron and The Peez.

The Woogs was actually quite social this morning!

6 thoughts on “Wrong beach

  1. Lisa

    GOOD. FOR. YOU! Enjoy your mini break, long beach, short beach, any damn place…you’ll have a blast! Xxxxxxx

  2. Laura

    they have fun pubs in Long Beach where the rugby guys go….(Brad or Greg to give you some ideas:)

  3. Beretta Fleur

    It looks like you had a great time from your IG posts. I hope there’s a blog about your stay, since staying overnight on a boat sounds all-some. Also, it’s a LOT SHORTER of a drive home, which is nice at the end of the trip! 🙂

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