Part-time Empire, full-time freak out

Part-time blogger...

Part-time blogger…

In “big work shifts that the internet will probably never even realize, but I’m totally freaking out about” news: I’m going down to working part-time on the Offbeat Empire.

That idea is insane and terrifying to me. This means I’ll be making a fourth of what I made this time last year. Thankfully, I only need (just about exactly) that to live. Now that I live with Mike, and I only have to pay for myself, and turns out, I live really really cheaply.

After panicking for a month, I’m finally calm enough to see this is a good thing, and get excited about what my future holds.

I had to think back and remember that in 2008 — when the economy tanked, and I lost my social media optimizing job, and there weren’t many prospects out there for an un-tested college grad, and all seemed lost — I never expected that the un-paid internship I applied for would one day become the World’s Greatest Job and help support myself, at times my partner, and help me build up some savings.

Backing up even more…

I never ever thought that, when people asked the dreaded “what do you do?” that I would respond with “I’m a blogger.” Hell, that wasn’t even a thing, let alone a career, when I was growing up and wondering what I’d do for a living.

With all that in mind, I know that there are perfect, Empire-like opportunities and jobs out there for me that I may not even exist yet. And I believe that I am lucky enough to find ’em.

Part-time unicorn.

Part-time unicorn.

But it still means an end of an era in a way! I started working for Offbeat Bride when Ariel was pregnant with Tavi. I’ve watched that Little Bean grow up to be a Big Boy. Over those seven years, as Tavi grew and changed so did my job. In, oh, a MILLION AND A HALF different ways. Always with more and more responsibilities. And now, it’s changed again…

I’m basically going to be devoting the bulk of my part-time work to Offbeat Home, and just writing the two ads-per-week on Offbeat Bride. Which probably won’t feel ANY different to the Interwebs, but is a bit like giving up my baby.

Most excitingly though, this part-time arrangement will enable me to try and see if I can get my own websites to make some moneiez. Be ready for some changes on The Funk…

  • You’ve probably already noticed the ads (not sure why I didn’t have them a million years ago.)
  • I’m thinking a name change to a less-obscure reference (any suggestions???)
  • Re-branding (or, actual branding)
  • And less brain-barfy “this is a boring post” blog, and more insightful stuff, sprinkled with fun affiliate roundups, and my specialty — themed bathrooms (any requests???).

In the meantime, anyone have any job opportunities for a freelance editor and writer that knows a lot about weird weddings, unicorns, and geeky home decor?

10 thoughts on “Part-time Empire, full-time freak out

  1. Sarah Brewer

    I’ll be sad to see your face/tagline less often on the OB Empire, but I’m super excited to see how things are going to be evolving around here.

  2. dootsiebug

    Selfishly? I’m like. More writing from Megan this way. ME GUSTA THE MEGAN SHOW.
    Sending “parachute day in gym class” levels of joy to you.

    1. meganfinley Post author

      AW! That’s so sweet of you! I’m glad you like the Megan show. It’s ’bout to get SUPER MEGAN-Y all up in this bitch. 😉

  3. Anna

    Just FYI some of your adds are hijacking my mobile browser. Not sure which – said congratulations FACEBOOK.COM or something and then took me to some Facebook-looking page that I couldn’t get out of.

    1. meganfinley Post author

      Gah! Sorry about that!! Thanks for pointing it out. I’ll look into that.

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