Wine-ing, Vine-ing, and dining with the Brits

My first fondue dinner, made by @2people1life. Fuck. Yeah. Delicious.

The thing about Lisa and Alexmy British friends who are traveling the world getting married — is that you never know when they’re going to pop in for a visit. This time they were heading from Tahiti back to Paris and, oh would you look at that, Los Angeles is between the two!

So we got to spend a short-but-sweet weekend together with the Brits. I had high hopes for a hiking around Lake Hollywood, a picnic in the park, and introducing them to Cinco de Mayo. But since they had a last minute flight delay, we had very limited time. And who was I kidding anyway?

We did what we normally do:

Shop for parts for Peggy, their camper van. Shop for groceries at Ralphs. The Brits got to work right away cooking up amazing meals for lunch and dinner. And I got to work helping them kill bottle after bottle of wine. We talked forever about all the things we needed to catch up on. We accompanied them to an awesome dinner with some of their other Los Angeles friends. We watched a silly movie. And then attempted to do some traditional Russian dancing at two in the morning.

And then it was off to Paris for them. 🙁

Like I said, it was short but sweet. And I can’t be too sad, because the one thing I know about their journey, is that you never know where it’s going to take them next, and when they’ll be passing by again.

Oh, and they’re also closer to the date of their final wedding. Which, I’ve decided that no matter WHERE it is in the world… I’M GOING. I’m saving up the money, and I can’t wait to find out where I’ll be seeing them officially tie the knot. I just hope it’s somewhere more exotic then Denver. Which is one of their top locations. Mama needs another excuse to get out of the country!

2 thoughts on “Wine-ing, Vine-ing, and dining with the Brits

  1. Lisa Marie Gant

    PAH, we also had made super duper plans in which we enjoyed the outdoors made picnics and skipped around the hills like some kind of Sound of music tribute, alas, as per usual we just had way to much fun for any of that shit!
    Missing you already…as always! You know it wont be long before we are back! x

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