Unique white elephant gifts that’ll win the holiday season

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It’s that time again: Time to stress about gift-giving! As I was shopping for the people on my list, I kept seeing gifts that were SO AWESOME, but so not exactly right for my shopping needs. So maybe these unique gifts will help you win the holidays this year, or at least make a killing as white elephant gifts…

Magical pillow

They’ve made an awesome magical color-changing pillow with those cool reversible paillettes! They come in a bunch of different color options, go check ’em out.

Charge your phone with emojis

Charge your phone Zach Morris-style with this brick phone portable battery charger! There are a couple other styles of emoji-like phone chargers, including…

Everyone gets a kick out of the eggplant emoji — especially when it can charge your phone.

Or are your gift recipients more the poop emoji charger type?

But my favorite is this unicorn. Speaking of unicorns…

Unicorn gifts

unicorn lights as white elephant gifts
When I was scrolling through gift ideas and these little guys popped up, I couldn’t help the smile that spread across my face. And that’s exactly how the recipients of the most adorable lights of all time will react as well.

unicorn tears purse for white elephant gifts
Oh yes, that is a purse that says “unicorn tears” and here it is in three different colors! You’re welcome.

Ty’s DIY shower curtain

DIY shower curtain
Ty is a simple #2 plastic shower curtain. Unlike other shower curtains made of vinyl, Ty will not off-gas in your home, it breathes – making it less likely to grow gross mold and mildew, it will last a very long time, then it can be recycled. And the best part — you can draw your very own designs on it! Look how cool this is:

DIY shower curtain drawing

Kigurumi suits!

kigurumi suit
I have this particular dinosaur Kigurumi suit, I also have a Godzilla one, and I really want the Stitch one. There’s seriously an animal or character to please everyone on your list, and they’re one size fits all!

Coloring books for adults

adult coloring book
Did you know that coloring books for adults are thing? Now you do. Now everyone’s life is changed for the better. Go get your zen coloring on.

Adorable animals doing awesome things

Sloth Gift Set with a mug and a sloth tea infuser!
Come on, you have to admit even YOU want this sloth gift set with the coolest mug ever, and a sloth tea infuser!

dancing deer tea towel
Oh, dancing deer tea towel, I dare ANYONE not to fall in love with you… or you, gentlemen bears tea towel, or you bandit kitty tea towel.


Turn any Mason jar into a sippy cup with this awesome Cuppow Canning Jar Drinking Lid!

Color changing umbrella

color changing umbrella for white elephant gifts
Screw singing, give your friends the gift of color-changing in the rain with this umbrella that makes rainbows appear when it gets wet!

Turn your fridge into a giant Gameboy


These refrigerator magnets not only turn your fridge into a giant Gameboy, but it also doubles as a convenient white board!

Fondue for two

fondue for two set
With this set of 2 fondue mugs and 4 dipping forks, you can easily melt cheese or chocolate for dipping fruit, veggies, breads and more. They’ll make for a cute date night, or a fun party trick.

Cocktail candles

cocktail candles for white elephant gifts
Gift someone the scent of their favorite cocktail: From an old fashion to mint julep, and dark and stormy — these are classy and boozy and fun.

Flask bracelet

flask bracelet for white elephant gifts
Give someone the gift of being the most stylish sneakily drunk person at your office with this flask bracelet!

Who doesn’t think sharks are awesome? Who doesn’t love the ability to open bottles like a bad-ass? No one doesn’t like those things. Ergo no one wouldn’t like this shark jaw bottle opener!

Death Star waffle maker

star wars white elephant gift
It wouldn’t be a gift roundup of mine if I didn’t include something Star Wars-related. Thankfully Think Geek just rolled out this amazing Death Star waffle iron that combines everyone’s favorite things: waffles and Star Wars.

Emergency Sriracha keychain

sriracha keychain for white elephant gifts
Got a spicey personality to shop for? Can you believe the “Sriracha2go keychain” exists? I can’t either, and neither will they when they open their gift!

Who wouldn’t be charmed by this 4D model of the anatomy of a Gummi Bear?

Science-tastic kitchen utensils!

heated ice cream scooper
This is an ice cream scooper that uses your own body heat to make scooping frozen treats easy as pie (or easy as eating ice cream with pie, I should say). I also got their this as a gift for my mom last year…

Heated butter knife This is the best thing ever: the SpreadTHAT! Butter Knife is a knife that uses your body heat to make cold butter instantly spread-able. Science, ammaright?

Literal white elephant gift is literal

white elephant gift idea - white elephant sugar bowl
Still not seeing the perfect gift for your white elephant gift exchange? Allow me shut this down with the perfect gift: This white elephant sugar bowl!

These cute ceramic white elephant pots come with saucer trays, and they’re perfect for succulents and small plants.

Oliver, the white elephant tidbit bowl — perfect for eating olives and ditching the pits, or for pistachios, and cherries! Whatever you’re eating, this white elephant will be your best friend and favorite gift.

Okay, your turn. What amazing finds do you have up your creative little sleeves? Share ’em in the comments, I wanna seeeeee!