Where Am I Going In That?

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The new Kelly video is out and I, yet again, make an appearance. This time I even say words!!! Wow. I play a photographer, but i was actually taking photographs so I wasn’t really “playing” anything. I was just being me but on film and wearing something silly.

Please to enjoy: Where Do You Think You’re Going In That?

And here are some of the photos I was actually taking…

director Liam

Liam directing in full costume

Megahn & Eva Perón

Megahn & Eva Perón the chihuahua.

"you're a tiger!"

You’re a tiger! Claw me! Come at me! Unleash your inner beast, Kelly!

camera time!

Uh oh, now the camera’s on me.

"Where Do You Think You're Going In That?"

'Where Do You Think You're Going In That' video

Pam and Liam.

The boys with Ilana

The hot boys with Ilana

Kelly in pink

Probably my favorite shot from the day.

Liam as Kelly

If you’d like to see more colorful and strange photos check out my flickr album here.