What it’s like living with a sound engineer

I’m working in the bedroom (yes, in bed even) while Aaron is mixing something in the living room. This is a little glimpse of what it’s like to live with a sound engineer.

Turn up your speakers as loud as possible to REALLY get the effect (this video didn’t pick up the sound as well as I’d hoped).

2 thoughts on “What it’s like living with a sound engineer

  1. Michelle

    Oh….MY….GOSH! I am laughing SOOO hard over here! And you know it’s just because I totally get it…. Only back in the day it was drums instead of sound mixing! 😉

    Makes me miss him though. Give him a big hug from me, k?

    1. meganfinley

      oh god! Sometimes I forget that you ever lived with him and that he indeed has not changed much since those times. 😉 I’m just glad that we’d have a riot on our hands in our apt building if he tried to practice drums here.

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