A peek into what a 13 year old girl wants to spend her money on these days

Every now and then, my life-long housekeeper’s (Elsa!) grand niece, asks me to buy things for her from Amazon.

Elsa’s grand niece, Crystal, doesn’t have a credit card, and I have access to Prime shipping, so I purchase these things for her, and she pays me back. The things I buy for her are usually adorable. But the best part is that knowing that this girl, Crystal’s family is Mexican, she lives in South LA, in an incredibly dangerous area. She once told me that her entire family eats dinner super late at night, because they go to bed super-late, because they stay up to make sure people aren’t going to break into their home at night. I’m constantly reminded of my privilege as I listen to her talk about her day-to-day life full of violence, and dangerous situations. It breaks my heart. But then these Amazon lists repair them. Because, even though she gets hassled by gang members, and pressured to buy drugs on the daily (on her walk to school!), she’d rather learn calligraphy and batman wallets.

Wanna take a peek into what an exceptional 13 year old girl from South LA wants to spend her money on these days?…

Here is my list of things I’ve purchased for her over the years…

Sheaffer Calligraphy Maxi Kit (SH/73404)

Magnetic Modular Pen 24K Gold Plated Made From Neodymium Magnets with Stylus and 10 Balls Gift Set

Batman wallet chain


“Vintage” stretch necklace (aka. What I wore all the time while I was her age in the ’90s)

Black heart necklace

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