Welcome home to… a SWARM OF BEES!

I really want to re-edit this Zillow commercial to put all manner of HORRIBLE THINGS in the house after she opens the door:

I was thinking a gruesome murder scene, a bear fighting a T-Rex, or a Furry orgie. My friend Brittany suggested, “Like bees. A buttload of bees.” I laughed so hard I cried re-watching the commercial and imagining that one.

What else can we put behind the door? And who wants to make this edit happen for me?

4 thoughts on “Welcome home to… a SWARM OF BEES!

  1. Katherine

    I have erased like three different options that popped into my head but I am going with this Real-estate agents in a sex swing in the middle of the living room with all their toys and gear all over the place, “Oh we thought you were moving in next week.”

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