The most wonderfully weird white elephant gifts you can’t help but love

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the most wonderfully weird white elephant gifts

I’ve always had a fun time finding the perfect gifts for people, but white elephant gifts were always my favorite. And, because my mind is always on the “perfect gift search,” I’ve amassed some amazing gift ideas.

These are my favorite white elephant gifts that are so weirdly wonderful you’ll both wonder why they exist at all, and also want to get one for yourself.

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The Fondoodler

THE FONDOODLER Hot Glue Gun - But For Cheese

The Fondoodler — “a hot glue gun, but for cheese!” — is a thing that exists in the world. And now white elephant gift recipient’s life will be complete…ly made of cheese structures.

The stripper sloth shower curtain

Stripper Sloth shower curtain - white elephant gifts

I first shared the stripper sloth shower curtain with the world years ago on Offbeat Home. But she continues to be the weird-ass gift that keeps on giving.

Drunk unicorn wine holder

UNICORN WINE HOLDER - white elephant gifts

From stripping sloths to drunk unicorns… There are two wonderful things about this unicorn wine holder: 1. It’s legitimately called “WINE OF SACRED PURITY UNICORN WINE HOLDER.” 2. All that sacred purity is only $20.

The sushi bazooka

The Sushi Bazooka

The Sushi Bazooka sounds as epic as it is. You basically fill it with your favorite sushi ingredients and blast it out of the bazooka, and boom: easy sushi.

Elf earbuds

Elf earbuds - white elephant gifts

Where are my cosplay nerds at? How cool are these earbuds that turn your ears into elf ears!? They come in a nifty bluetooth option as well.

The Farting Animals coloring book

The Farting Animals Coloring Book - white elephant gifts

Because of course the Farting Animal Coloring Book exists! It combines two of life’s greatest things: farting and animals. Oh, and I guess art. So THREE of the world’s greatest things then.

Monster finger crayons

monster finger crayons - white elephant gifts

Combine that coloring book with these monster finger crayons and you have one hell of a wtf-omg white elephant gift!

Thug Life doormat

thug life door mat - white elephant gifts

Who wouldn’t enjoy this floral printed “thug life” door mat? It’s a crowd pleaser, it’s both elegant and bad-ass.

Sock Monkey doggy socks

sock monkey dog socks

Say it with me now: Sock Monkey Doggy Socks. Four great words that go great together. And also… looooook how cuuuuuuuute!!!!

Pizza scissors

Kitchen Maestro Pizza Scissors

Did you know that pizza scissors are a thing? Now you can just cut and slide your way to everyone’s favorite meal.

Emergency Sriracha

Sriracha Mini Keychain

Speaking of pizza… the emergency Sriracha keychain is here to help you with your hot sauce needs at ANY TIME ANYWHERE.



Anything by Calligraphuck. I love their Fucking Brilliant Pencils (my favorite thing to give to writers), and their aggressively awesome stationery.

Hot dog toaster

retro hot dog toaster

This is called the “retro hot dog toaster” but were hot dog toasters ever actually A Thing back in the day? I don’t know. But this exists now, and it’s an amazing single use appliance that’s guaranteed to get a lot of bizarre looks, but damn will it come in handy when you want just one or two hot dogs.


desktop hoverboard

No one NEEDS a mini desktop hoverboard that actually hovers and slides back and forth… but at the same time, don’t you think everyone should have one?

The flask scarf


Move over bracelet flask, the flask scarf is here and it’s making my heart swell with joy, and my neck swell with whiskey. And I love that the description on Amazon says, “perfect for all occasions, especially when it’s a dry event.” And look how many styles it comes in!

The pooping cow toothpick dispenser

arling Little Cattle Toothpick Dispenser

This is a toothpick dispenser that looks like a cow (just look at it’s cute little cow face!) and it “poops” out toothpicks from it’s tiny adorable butthole. The only thing that takes this from absolutely perfect to best thing ever is this description on Amazon: “Expect it to be an heirloom your kids or grand kids will remember years from now.” Now start investing in your own family heirloom this holiday season.

Who else wants to show off their favorite weirdly wonderful white elephant gift ideas? Leave them in the comments. I can’t wait to see them.