#TheRedwoodWedding processional. Or, “how my ex helped me pull off my favorite wedding surprise”

I finally filled out my wedding profile for Offbeat Bride and it took forever because there was just SO MUCH TO WRITE ABOUT! This was something I didn’t really go into detail about on the profile, but I wanted to share here…

My dad and me waiting and watching the processional.

My dad and me waiting and watching the processional. You can read more about our walk down the aisle here.

I thought it would be a fun to include Game of Thrones wedding music, and a Thrones nerd inside joke to have The Rains of Castemere be the first song played at the wedding. Which would then lead to the Game of Thrones theme song, so everyone could get in on the joke.

The problem: I loved two different versions of each song, and had no idea how to combine them. Enter: my ex-husband, Aaron — longtime readers may remember that he’s a musician and a sound engineer

He’s also continues to be a great friend and family member. Without hesitation, he perfectly edited all the music for our processional. As you can tell by the recording embedded above, he flawlessly blended both of those songs! (He also included a very special version that fucking Rick Rolled me, the jackass.)

Plus he even edited the secret song that I surprised Mike with…

The song was a gorgeous acoustic version of “our song”, and I worked my tail off to make sure Mike had NO IDEA it was going to be played. I only told our wedding planner and our DJ, and I practiced walking down the aisle to it on my headphones over and over, just so I could get the timing right.

It worked a charm! Seeing Mike’s eyes simultaneously light up and tear up when he realized what song was playing is one of my absolute favorite memories of our ceremony.

I even got permission from the recording artist to use it as our wedding video’s soundtrack.

One of my favorite wedding ideas…

I wanted my dad to support me down the aisle because my shoes were ridiculously large and I needed help with stability. But that left my mom without an escort. Part of me thought she might want to strut her stuff down that aisle on her own. But, once asked, she said she wasn’t comfortable with that. So Mike offered to be her escort, since his mom would walk with her husband.

Mike and my mom.

Mike and my mom.

I loved that idea! The next day my mom was telling us that Mike’s heartbeat was so strong that she could feel it in her own body when she took his arm. And that it made her feel so close to him in that moment. I love knowing that when I see those photos!

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