Vintage candy from an Offbeat Bride’s wedding!

Awwwww, I got my first THANK YOU gift from an Offbeat Bride. I originally wrote about this bride when I featured her View Master wedding invitations and then I featured her amazing wedding shower and then, finally (and excitedly) featured her wedding which inspired an entire week of candy-themed weddings.

As a thank you, the bride Julia, sent both the Seattle and LA offices of Offbeat Bride a sweet note and bag full of vintage candy from her wedding!…

candy bag1

I am chowing down on a watermelon sour punch twist as I write this post. I mean, this bag is filled with awesome vintage candy that I didn’t even know existed!

Like, what's that pineapple doodle-bob top left? I dunno but it's cool!

Like, what’s that pineapple doodle-bob top left? I dunno but it’s cool!

And some of the ones that I do know and love. (I’m saving the Pop Rocks for later!)


I just tried one of these Zotz candies, they’re awesome and strange and then awesome again. They’re filled with some kind of fizzy sour liquid. It was strange and I liked it.

twin bing

I also ate on of these Twin Bings, yet another candy I had never heard of. The packaging describes it as a “nutty chocolaty cherry treat” so of course I had to try it (cherry is my favorite flavor of anything) and it’s delicious! But holy CRAP, look how expensive they are!

What is your favorite vintage candies that I should know about?

5 thoughts on “Vintage candy from an Offbeat Bride’s wedding!

      1. Sevillalost

        That’s hilarious, because I get candy in the mail all the time! It’s one of the perks of being deployed! 😉

  1. Julia

    You are SO WELCOME!!! I love the updates! Don’t eat the sour stuff inside the zots haha. people bite down too fast, just suck on it and enjoy the fizzzzz

    And the candy is from the shop where I work, Smeeks! In phoenix!

    Everyone should send you presents because you are the BEST! 🙂

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