Could this unicorn umbrella be the answer to Los Angeles’ drought?

unicorn umbrella

I haven’t owned an umbrella since… wait — I don’t think I’ve EVER owned an umbrella. Umbrella ownership is pretty optional in Los Angeles. But it’s been raining on and off for the past couple of days. (Even thundering! Of course, I missed most of the opportunity to enjoy the rare thunder storm, as I assumed it was the noise of the landscapers’ wheelbarrows being pushed down a driveway. Was that the most LA thing I’ve ever said?)

What a coincidence that Think Geek just released the Magical Unicorn Umbrella! This could possibly be the first umbrella I ever own. Is it not a thing a beauty?

Of course, with my weather luck, the moment I purchase it Los Angeles will never see rain again in my life time. UNLESS… with a little magical unicorn power, maybe this umbrella could herald the rumored El Nino rains???

What do you think guys, should I buy this as an early birthday present to myself? Or will it just sit there, unused and be a reminder of how LA is drying up into a barren wasteland?

7 thoughts on “Could this unicorn umbrella be the answer to Los Angeles’ drought?

  1. dootsiebug

    THE TOP IS A HORN. How did I miss that? OMG.

    Personally, my biggest fear when I’ve got a really amazing umbrella is actually needing it, since random wind gusts around here tend to destroy all umbrellas in their path. So it could be just a cute accessory. Or parasol?

  2. soundtek

    Yes, you should get it.. and carry it around as a parasol when its not raining.. the sun is the devil. So there ya go, carry it when its sunny and when its raining – sounds perfect!

    1. KathyRo

      “the sun is the devil” <– this too!!
      Yes, definitely carry it around in the sun. LIke a crazy person.

  3. KathyRo

    You should get it. One day you will wake up and decide you hate your minimalist decor. Then you can open this bad boy up and put it on one of your clear cubes. Like a crazy person.

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