Magical unicorn gifts to bring happiness, sunshine, and rainbows all year long…

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"I don't believe in humans" unicorn shopping bag

“I don’t believe in humans” unicorn shopping bag

I’m going through a big unicorn phase. It’s a question of “Am I noticing unicorns more because I’m getting more into them? Or am I getting more into them because I’m noticing them more?” I think the obsession really started in Edinburgh — it’s Scotland’s national animal! — because I kept seeing them everywhere, and it made me happy. Which is basically the point of unicorns. Which is basically why unicorn gifts are so awesome. Unicorns = happy.

At a time when so many people are looking for white elephant gift ideas, I say, we can do better. Let’s look for white unicorn gift ideas. So here are my favorite unicorn gifts to give the gift of happiness, sunshine, and rainbows all year long…

These adorable unicorn lamps come in size small (in lots of different colors) and freaking GIANT!

unicorn tears purse for white elephant gifts
Oh yes, that is a purse that says “unicorn tears” and here it is in three different colors! You’re welcome.

Not only are these unicorn slippers, these are light-up unicorn slippers.

Four words: Unicorn emoji phone charger. Yes, an emoji, that looks like a unicorn, that can charge a phone. (It also comes in other unicorn colors and emoji designs — gifts for ALL!)

Target has unicorn heads! I know that sounds a little dark, but they’re so freaking cute!!!

Or this cardboard unicorn head, that comes in three different sizes.

But wait, there’s MORE unicorn taxidermy. This one from Wayfair a little more colorful.

As Think Geek, the creator of this unicorn poop scarf said: Rainbow. Poop. Scarf. Magic.

I love this gift idea! It’s a Magical Unicorn Cupcake Bath Bomb — the icing is an exfoliating sugar scrub, it’s cotton candy scented, and topped with a unicorn rubber duckie!

unicorn-gift-ideas Speaking of sprinkles… now you can literally sprinkle unicorn magic over your baking with this unicorn sprinkle shaker.

These unicorn key covers are so awesome that they’re constantly out of stock. That’s okay, there’s also this version too!

Or use a unicorn to open more important things… like bottles of wine… with the Screwnicorn… or this less hilariously-named unicorn corkscrew.

Do you remember when I won the internet with this unicorn wine holder on Offbeat Home? You could get the same reaction from whomever you gift this drunken unicorn wine holder to.

Welcome someone to the whimsical and very lucrative world of unicorn farming with the Raising Unicorns book.

Did you know that Squatty Potty also makes a toilet spray air freshener called Unicorn Gold!? I didn’t until a friend alerted me to this fact, because, of course, I love all things unicorn.

A friend also alerted me to the fact that there is a lipstick called Unicorn Tears, and I actually bought it and love it!

Can a tape dispenser really make an awesome gift? It can be if it’s this unicorn tape dispenser with rainbow tape!

This is the only fart-related gift that someone will actually really enjoy! 300+ Amazon reviewers can’t be wrong when they say they love this Bag of Unicorn Farts (aka. pink cotton candy)!

Or bake them all special unicorn cookies with this unicorn cookie cutter!