Travels and aging ahead

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Guys, I’m so stoked! I just booked a two week trip to Maui… for $430! It’s also the first trip I’ve ever booked just by myself. I may be met out there by Aaron and a few friends, but that’s not all confirmed just yet. But if you’d like to join me… Hawaiian Airlines is having a sale on flights from the West Coast right now.

Jump on that shit and join me?

I also just booked my birthday trip to Washington for next weekend. Interestingly, it looks like the Seattle trip is going to cost me more when all is said and done — airfare for me and Aaron, lodging, taxis, etc — than my trip to Maui for two weeks.

And yes, I did just drop the mention that birthday is coming up next weekend. I’ll be thirty-freaking-ONE. I’m STILL in shock that I’m thirty. How did this happen so fast? So, though I just dropped around $1200 on travel, I can write of one of the trips and I’ll look at the other trip as a gift to myself.


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