This is straight up REAL

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So I got an email from another Flickr member, Madam Bizarro with the subject “stolen photo” which read:

Megan–you might wanna bust this guy.

[insert now defunct link to a photo in Lightko Studio‘s facebook portfolio]

Took one of your photos of Aaron’s bite and claimed it is his special effects make-up. Yeah, dude, I guess it DOES look real, since it IS.

And sure enough, I clicked over and saw this: (WARNING: If you don’t want to see the inside of my husband’s leg, do NOT read any further.)

Omg, that first comment is PRICELESS. That’s because it IS real! This is the actual photo of Aaron’s leg meat that is on my Flickr account.

Here’s the rest of the comment chain for the LULZ, since the guy took the photo down.

From his Facebook page:

“Lightko Studios is an independent make-up studio owned and operated by make-up artist Greg Lightner. Located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the studio specializes in special effects…”


If anyone has had a horrible accident happen to them or a loved one, you might want to check out Lightko Studio’s portfolio, perhaps Greg Lightner has claimed to have created inside of your body with gelatin. Sorry my husband’s leg blood wasn’t “dark enough” for you, dude. You’re right, there is always the “next time” Aaron gets almost killed by a wild animal. (And, if you know Aaron, there more than likely will be a next time. Sigh.)

Side note: Aaron’s 4th-annual shark attackiversary is coming up — October 29th.


Oh, I HATE when people do this. When photographers or artists get caught claiming images as their own work they always say those images were “accidentally” uploaded onto their site. Prime example:


*cough cough* BULLSHIT

14 thoughts on “This is straight up REAL

  1. kristen j.

    This is crazy! I’ve know of SFX artists that try to steal each other’s work.. that’s bad enough… but never an actual injury! Is nothing sacred? :p Glad you busted the guy.

  2. Cheryl

    How lame and untalented must this guy be to steal from Flickr and try to pass it off as his own? This must happen ask the time, I’m so glad you called him on it! You were very civil, by the way. Didn’t even call him names!

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