Dating and Star Wars

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Ollie and I were having a conversation over gchat about a girl he’s been dating…

Oliver: but megan, there is still a VERY important subject i have not broached with her
and I am talking HUGE
me: [censored]
Oliver: bigger than that
me: what’s bigger than THAT?
Oliver: STAR WARS.
me: WHA!?
you have not had a convo about The Wars?
Oliver: i don’t know her feelings on it yet
i know i know…
me: search her feelings Oliver!
Oliver: appreciate the trilogy she must
me: text her right now and ask
pop the question!
Oliver: “i’m sorry but megan has something to ask you on my behalf. You harbor which of the following feelings towards the original Star Wars trilogy: hatred. love. indifference. Pick one that applies.”

He never did ask her, but we’ve decided to invite her over for one of our Star Wars nights and just see what she does. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Dating and Star Wars

  1. Kimmy

    it is a HUGE question. i didn’t go on a second date with a super hot dude when I discovered he hadn’t seen ANY of THEM! So will Oliver still get Leia’d? Dying to know her answer!!!

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