The Kalama Park whale got its feet wet

Last night, Coco, Aaron and I all stayed up late downing beers and watching the coverage of the earthquake and subsequent tsunami in Japan. Then I learned that it was expected to hit Hawaii as well! So I called my parents and gave them the news. They went to my cousin’s home, which is well out of the danger zone and stayed there for the night.

This morning I’m getting photo after photo from my mother of the changes in the landscape from the (compared to Japan) small tsunami that hit last night…

The water receding WAY back and exposing the shore bed.

The water came all the way up past S Kihei Rd. This is the street you turn on to get to the house.

But by far my favorite photo that put things in perspective was the Kalama Park whale statue that now looks like the Maui version of the La Brea tar pits!

Click on the photo to see it bigger.

Crazy, huh!?

The good thing is that Coco, Aaron and I got to discussing a plan of action should LA get hit with an emergency on this level. It entails rounding up all our Norton apartment building family: Aaron and me, Amy and Ari and Coco and Tristan plus four dogs and two cats, and all meeting up in the Pleasure Chest parking lot.

Now that’s even crazier.

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  1. Coco

    I shared the emergency plan with Tristan. I told him he needed to pass it along to Amy and Ari. So I think we are all set now. 🙂

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