The interwebs is for blogging (and cats): my New Year’s resolution

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The brand new!

The brand new!

I’ve been doing a bit of heavy virtual housekeeping so that I can feel just as comfortable over on my little part of the internet, as I do on the Empire’s part of the internet.

Christmas is over, and I’m gonna have a blog post about that soon. But that brings me to the subject of my New Year’s resolution. My resolution is to blog more often over here on The Funk. I’ve realized that, since I’ve been working on the Empire, I started to look at blogging as something you do for the benefit of others. But I have to remember that this is my personal blog, and this is truly, really for me. I mean, obviously I love that y’all read this, but my favorite part about having this blog is having an easily accessible place to save all my memories of years past for MYSELF, as well as share my experiences with everyone else.

For my brief Christmas vacation, I spent my free time working on my own websites. I re-categorized and cleaned up tags on The Funk and I spiffed up my catch-all web page. I also got the angering realization that someone stole the url from me while I attempted to switch web hosting from Go Daddy (boo!) to WordPress. Super lame. But I decided to snatch up — I like the way it sounds, it’s cute and silly and the “fin” part works with, both, my last name and the whole shark thing. 😉

So, here I am. With cleaned up virtual spaces and a new resolve to blog more often, even if the subjects aren’t epic, life changing, or even all that interesting.

My resolution is to just express myself when I need to, and document things when I feel like it. Cheers to that!

And just because the interwebs is for cats, here’s a video of my cat Diego (aka The Woogs) on Christmas morning (I apologize for my super loud breathing, my asthma has been a bitch lately)…