The best Valentine’s Day I ever had

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I was even feeling the doggy love on V-day.

I was even feeling the doggy love on V-day.

I don’t “do” Valentine’s Day. Yeah, I’m one of THOSE people. But, as far back as I can remember the day made me all uncomfortable and squidgy. Even when my first boyfriend got all crazy romantic and sent me flowers at school, I just felt really weird about it. Ever since then I’ve asked all boyfriends to just not do anything — just ignore it with me.

And so far Aaron’s been amazing at it. He made me something for our first Valentine’s Day (maybe he wasn’t quite sure if it was a trick or not?) and it was the best thing I’ve ever gotten and it is never to be topped. I will hopefully write a post about that later, when I’m not laying in bed about to go to sleep.

And one other year he bought me silly stupid crap just to make me laugh. He went shopping with his best friend who asked, “aren’t you going to get in trouble for that?” Ha.

But this year, this year was all crazy different…

This is year I was bombarded with so much Valentine’s Day love that I just could NOT ignore it. I awoke to an generous “just because” gift from my beautiful boss. My mom had spent the night so she left little Valentine’s Day gifts out for me and my husband. I got the sweetest note in blog form from Lauren. Then later I got to pick my dad up from the airport and see him for the first time since Christmas. I also got to spend the day shooting photos of my apartment and bonding with Coco. And then I had dinner with my closest loved ones — my family (Mom, Dad, Aaron and Coco) and laughed my ass off at Russel Brand on SNL. Oh! And Aaron made us all his homemade chocolate covered strawberries and Coco ran to the store to get us all ice cream and root beer. Could I have better people in my life!?

It was probably one of the most wonderful days I will have in my life. One of those days where love radiates from every corner of your world and you can’t help but see how lucky you are. And I am super lucky.

Okay, bragging over. I’ve had a couple of glasses of champagne, I’m just about to go to bed and I’m feeling super pleased. I guess I just don’t want today to end.

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