Text Message Breakup!

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My buddy Raina and I being super classy.

My buddy Raina and I being super classy.

Lately I’ve been getting a few excited yet angry phone calls from friends wanting to know why I never told them that I was in a “Kelly” video. (to be honest I never really thought anyone would even notice me, i’m only it for a few seconds.) I posted it on myspace a long time ago but I took it down when it was old news (at least to ME). So I’m posting this blog now for posterity’s sake.

Here I am in Txt Msg Breakup, giving weird looks to the camera,

And here’s my big moment in gif form:

txt msg brake up gif

5 thoughts on “Text Message Breakup!

  1. Shaun Arora

    It appears that you're attempting to fondling a star wars robot. There's easier ways to turn on geeks, dearest m.

  2. megan

    yes, i'm aware that there are easier ways darling shaun… but I wanted to show my FULL commitment to the nerd community. I also wanted nerds everywhere to worship me like a goddess… and they do.

  3. Katie Tillman

    hahah dude megan this is hilarious. im totally putting it on my profile rite now.

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