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A Nerd Hope: Megan’s nerdy 30 birthday video

I can’t believe I forgot to post this a while ago! So, I got the absolute bestest birthday present of my lifetime from that wonderful guy I married. He contacted a bunch of my closest friends, family, and… Read More

Is MTV lying to my face-space?

Does MTV have a partnership with MySpace? I keep noticing that they’re young reality stars reference MySpace and it seems so wrong. I mean, what kid uses MySpace anymore? Hell, what anyone uses MySpace anymore? So when I… Read More

Peezu after bath

I just found this old video of Peezu acting like she’s on crack after having a bath. Enjoy… She’s a special girl.

The playlist to my 2010

I was just talking last night about cleaning out my iTunes, and discovering awesome old music. So I thought I’d share. It’s a lot of old tunes, and a couple new ones, and there are links to where… Read More

What it’s like living with a sound engineer

I’m working in the bedroom (yes, in bed even) while Aaron is mixing something in the living room. This is a little glimpse of what it’s like to live with a sound engineer. Turn up your speakers as… Read More

Fiji — Days 4 and 5: Mana Island

I’m now on a small island called Mana island. I’m staying in the honeymoon suite which is freaking amazing, but it’s also pretty sad at the same time — I miss Aaron a lot. He’s LOVE this room… Read More

Fiji — day 3: the Intercontinental spa and hotel

Here’s some video from when I first arrived at the Intercontinental hotel and spa. Or as I like to think of it… Fiji redemption. It was the day everything changed for the better and I started to have… Read More