Why I ultimately rejected the garden that I thought I wanted so much

Aaron's ominous garden plot photo.
Aaron’s ominous garden plot photo.

For my birthday last year, Aaron proposed to get me a plot at a community garden, siting my love of plants. At first my reaction was “Aw, what a thoughtful idea.” And then my reaction was that of dread. After sitting with the idea for about a month, putting off his suggestions of going and checking out garden plots every weekend, I realized, there’s something wrong here. I don’t want this. Why not?

Then I realized… it’s because I dread the idea of having another thing to take care of. I already have a husband and therefor a marriage to maintain, two dogs and a cat, two websites and a career, a two-bedroom apartment, two cars, several houseplants, and myself. I just didn’t want more living things that need my attention and care on my plate. I look at my weekly schedule, and there’s ONE day in the week where I don’t have an appointment of some kind for either my mental or physical health, my relationship, or my job.

At first I felt bad for rejecting what would have been a sweet birthday gift that would possibly give my husband and I a project to work on together. Aaron has since went on to get a garden plot for himself and he seems to be enjoying it. But I admit it, I’m glad I don’t have to scurry off to damn near Downtown LA with him after work, or instead of breakfast with friends, to tend to it.

I tell myself that, when I finally get that home I’ve been craving, I’ll create some space in the yard for a garden then. That way, even though it will be another THING to take care of, I at least won’t have to sit in traffic in order to do so. I’ll lump that into the “houseplants” category of “bitches that need my TLC.” And I’ll be happy that it’s my own garden in my own private space where I can garden bra-less and in my jammies if I want.

This post was inspired by watching my sister and brother-in-law chase and wrangle their daughter from sun-up to sun-down. Just watching them is making me all kind of stressed out and anxious. I sit back and think, “Thank GAWD that isn’t me.” And then I realize that, yes a garden is not like a human child, but it helps me to realize that I ultimately made the right choice in having one less thing to take care of. I think I made the right choice, and I no longer feel bad for rejecting the thoughtful gift from my husband.

Besides, then he bought me fossils for Christmas and they make me ridiculously happy — no care necessary.

I love when shit like this happens…

A round up of cool things that have happened when the stars aligned for some reason…

  • Aaron and I went to Balboa Island just so we could be near the ocean for a little while. Needed a little beach therapy. Unfortunately the beach stunk like garbage so we cut our trip short. As we drove home through Newport Beach, I had the a feeling that my brother was nearby. I started looking at all the restaurants and bars that we drove by for him to be on the patio, but I didn’t see him. Then two blocks later I saw his car parked on the sidewalk.Turns out he had just moved to that Newport Beach neighborhood, and I had no idea until I mentioned this to my dad.
  • Went to a Dodger game on Star Wars night with CoCo (my amazing neighbor) and Oliver (one of my longest and bestest frinds). Ollie and I went on a hunt for snacks and beer together, and as we were leaving our section and entered the throng of people in the hallway, I had a feeling that Oliver was going to run into someone he knew right then and there. But… it didn’t happen. So we got our pretzels, hotdogs and beer unimpeded. And I didn’t make mention of it, because who cares about things that didn’t happen, right?

    Then the second time we went to get MORE beer, we stepped into the hallway and right then and there Oliver ran into someone he knew.

    Also, on a side note, I was really disappointed by the lack of Star Wars on Star Wars night. So I just started substituting “Star Wars” instead of “Dodgers” any chance I got. “Here we go STAR WARS, here we go!”

  • A couple days ago I came into ownership of a really cool houseplant. I won’t tell you how I came into ownership as it involves a little b&e, but I’d rather call it “adopting” than “stealing,” Aaaaaanyway. The problem is, I have no idea what this tree is!I wanted to know what I was getting myself into and how I could properly care for it, because it’s SUPER cool! But Googling things like “Dr Seuss tree” or “squiggly tree” brought me no good results. I thought about Twittering it, or blogging it, but I don’t have enough followers to hope for positive results.
    On a slightly related note, I’ve been getting really into interior design mode lately. Been adding more and more interior design blogs to my Google Reader. And the night before I had found a new design blog called The Brick House to add to my design blogs. And the next morning the first post I see from that blog is this: Question. And the question just happened to be about identifying that exact kind of tree!

    It’s a Dracaena Marginata. And I love when this kind of shit happens.