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No time for a full-on post about my birthday weekend. It suffices to say that my birthday party was incredible, followed by a weekend at Meadowfabulous that was almost life changing. Real quick: Meadowfabulous is a weekend of… Read More

MY “what is this — I don’t even…” of the day

Really Lonely Planet? You couldn’t find a better picture to represent Tahiti than this one? Really? The COVER — you put this on the COVER? You need to fire your “cover picture picker-outer.” I bet he or she… Read More

My creative symbol is a wonky Boston Terrier

It shouldn’t be too shocking that my creative symbols are photographs! I used to have my bedroom wall COVERED in photos that I had taken — it was like my own personal art gallery. But when Aaron and… Read More

The Downtown LA Tour of Disneyland

I recently went on a strange and wonderful tour led by a strange and wonderful man, Charles Phoenix. To explain this tour I’ll just grab the text from his website… “Join Charles on this 6-hr walking & school… Read More

Photos from my first Seattle trip

I posted about our Seattle trip, documented with iPhone photos, over at my photography blog… To see more of our photos head over to the post on photography blog.

The Lake Mead houseboat trip in photos

In a nutshell, it was a blast! Here are a few of my favorite photos from the trip… Gassing up the boats just outside of Vegas. Smiles all around.

Where Am I Going In That?

The new Kelly video is out and I, yet again, make an appearance. This time I even say words!!! Wow. I play a photographer, but i was actually taking photographs so I wasn’t really “playing” anything. I was… Read More