No time for a full-on post about my birthday weekend. It suffices to say that my birthday party was incredible, followed by a weekend at Meadowfabulous that was almost life changing.

Real quick: Meadowfabulous is a weekend of camping at Ariel’s mom’s commune on Bainbridge Island, Washington.

To tide you over until I can possibly one day find the time to write more about my experiences this past weekend (spoiler: I made a salad from SCRATCH — life changing), here is a Flickr slideshow from Meadowfab:

MY “what is this — I don’t even…” of the day

Really Lonely Planet? You couldn’t find a better picture to represent Tahiti than this one? Really? The COVER — you put this on the COVER? You need to fire your “cover picture picker-outer.” I bet he or she is the kind of person that tags you in the most hideous photos of yourself on Facebook. Seriously, fire them. Tahiti has GOT to better than this photo would have you believe, which, from the look on that girl on the right’s face, seems like it would just an “okay” place to visit — you know, not bad not great.

Seriously, wtf?

My creative symbol is a wonky Boston Terrier

The framed photos in my hallway.

It shouldn’t be too shocking that my creative symbols are photographs!

I used to have my bedroom wall COVERED in photos that I had taken — it was like my own personal art gallery. But when Aaron and I moved in together he asked me to not re-create the photo gallery because it made him feel claustrophobic, which I understood.

So, now, I have just one wall set up as a mini gallery with a few of my favorite photos.

But out of all the framed photos, this one is my favorite for several reasons…

I snapped this after I had washed Ayla’s dirty paws off in the sink. I took it with a film camera on actual black and white film! And it was originally not a photo I was considering developing because it wasn’t “perfect.” Right before I snapped what I thought was going to be a photo of a Boston Terrier sitting adorably in a sink, Ayla started making her way towards me and “ruined” my shot. But my photography teacher picked this one out of all the others on the proof sheet and told me it was the one to work on. And it changed the way I looked at photos. It showed me that it’s not always the “perfect” photos that are the most interesting, or speak the loudest.

It basically gave me the freedom to get creative, experiment with different angles and give the photos that look a little wonky a chance to shine, turns out people like things that are a little wonky.

The Downtown LA Tour of Disneyland

I recently went on a strange and wonderful tour led by a strange and wonderful man, Charles Phoenix. To explain this tour I’ll just grab the text from his website…

“Join Charles on this 6-hr walking & school bus tour beginning ending at Union Station – See Old Chinatown – Olvera Street – Clifton’s Cafeteria – The Bradbury Building – Carroll Avenue – Bob Baker Marionette Theater – Walt Disney Concert Hall and SO much more!

Experience the charm of MAIN STREET USA, exotica of ADVENTURELAND, wilderness of FRONTIERLAND, magic of FANTASYLAND, and future of TOMORROWLAND – all in the heart and soul of our city.

You will never see downtown LA the same way again! It’s just like a big theme park! The similarities between Downtown Los Angeles and Disneyland are staggering!”

And it was a ton of fun and it, in fact, made me fall in love with my city all over again.

We all gathered at Union Station to meet Charles who was rocking a pair of serious Mickey Mouse ears and a vintage Shriners Club jacket.

Downtown LA tour of Disneyland
We took this baby all over downtown LA and from Union Station, to Chinatown to Olvera Street to Clifton’s Cafeteria to The Bradbury Building to Angels Flight to some janky downtown locations that used to be something awesome, to the Bob Baker Marionette Theater to Carroll Avenue and ending at Walt Disney Concert Hall.

This is me getting the thrill of my life as I actually rode Angels Flight the day before it officially opened!

Now line up in an orderly fashion and head over to the photography blog to see all the tour photos

Downtown LA tour of Disneyland with Charles Phoenix
Or you can just click on this photo. Either way, you'll be seeing some great photos of LA landmarks.

Where Am I Going In That?

The new Kelly video is out and I, yet again, make an appearance. This time I even say words!!! Wow. I play a photographer, but i was actually taking photographs so I wasn’t really “playing” anything. I was just being me but on film and wearing something silly.

Please to enjoy: Where Do You Think You’re Going In That?

And here are some of the photos I was actually taking…

Megahn & Eva Perón
"you're a tiger!"
“Kelly” being a tiger for me.
camera time!
uh oh, now the camera’s on me!
"Where Do You Think You're Going In That?"
liam is super sexy
Kelly in pink
my favorite photo from the shoot.

If you’d like to see more colorful and strange photos check out my flickr album here.

what does this mean?

pigeon & rose

I came upon this while walking my dogs this morning. I’m wondering what it means. My first reaction was sadness and then I was overcome with a feeling of peace and an inner calm. I’m hoping it’s a good omen because I need one today. See, today is the day a judge decides whether or not the crazy man who lives in my building, the guy that threatened my life and the lives of my family and friends, will be evicted or not. So I’m hoping that today that judge’s decision will bring me that same feeling of peace and inner calm that the dead pigeon did.
But then again, it’s a dead pigeon. That could also be a bad sign. Right? Seeing dead things first thing in the morning?
So that’s where I am. Confused, nervous, hopeful and concerned. What does this mean?

if you want to see more pictures of the bird and the bud just click on the picture, it’ll take you to my flickr site.