Where Am I Going In That?

The new Kelly video is out and I, yet again, make an appearance. This time I even say words!!! Wow. I play a photographer, but i was actually taking photographs so I wasn’t really “playing” anything. I was just being me but on film and wearing something silly.

Please to enjoy: Where Do You Think You’re Going In That?

And here are some of the photos I was actually taking…

Megahn & Eva Perón
"you're a tiger!"
“Kelly” being a tiger for me.
camera time!
uh oh, now the camera’s on me!
"Where Do You Think You're Going In That?"
liam is super sexy
Kelly in pink
my favorite photo from the shoot.

If you’d like to see more colorful and strange photos check out my flickr album here.

Text Message Breakup!

Lately I’ve been getting a few excited yet angry phone calls from friends wanting to know why I never told them that I was in a “Kelly” video. (to be honest I never really thought anyone would even notice me, i’m only it for a few seconds.) I posted it on myspace a long time ago but I took it down when it was old news (at least to ME). So I’m posting this blog now for posterity’s sake.

here I am in Txt Msg Breakup

“you can’t text message motha’ fuckin’ break up and shit!” -bouncer guy in the video

oh my god, photoshoot.

So I did a photo shoot for Liam Sullivan (aka. Kelly). He started selling “Kelly” merch — tshirts and undies, etc. So we rounded up a bunch of our friends and took pics all over LA!

Liam Sullivan

Liam in a pink men's "Betch" shirt

Raina 1

My darling Raina in a black women's "Betch" shirt.

stupid boy


Gawd I love this license plate!

Liam Sullivan

Liam modeling boy's "betch" undies.

girls "lets party" t-shirt

Ilana (she's now Liam's wife) in the women's "Let's Party" shirt.

girls "deck" t-shirt

Women's "deck" shirt in black.

girls "betch" undies

Ilana modeling the women's "betch" undies.

boys "deck" t-shirt

boys and girls "deck" & "betch" t-shirts.