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Where Am I Going In That?

The new Kelly video is out and I, yet again, make an appearance. This time I even say words!!! Wow. I play a photographer, but i was actually taking photographs so I wasn’t really “playing” anything. I was… Read More

Wanna see me in purple lamé leggings?

If you wanna see the one and ONLY time I will ever wear these ridiculously shiny tight purple lamé leggings, check it out, betch…

Text Message Breakup!

Lately I’ve been getting a few excited yet angry phone calls from friends wanting to know why I never told them that I was in a “Kelly” video. (to be honest I never really thought anyone would even… Read More

oh my god, photoshoot.

So I did a photo shoot for Liam Sullivan (aka. Kelly). He started selling “Kelly” merch — tshirts and undies, etc. So we rounded up a bunch of our friends and took pics all over LA!