kinky giraffes

Aaron and I went to the Los Angeles Zoo yesterday. I was surprised to find that it’s only $10 to get in! I was also a little more surprised to find that it’s also $10 for a salad. A gross salad. That you have to eat next to the giraffe pen. That smells like giraffe poop.

But it’s the giraffe PEE that concerns this particular blog writer…

I got to bear witness yesterday to the freakiest animal behavior I have ever seen. Even freakier than the gorilla pooping into it’s hand and then wiping it on the wall. And it came from an animal that I’ve had a lot of respect for. A very reverent animal in my eyes.. until now.

The giraffe.

There were 4 giraffes in the enclosure, including one baby one. The cute little baby one stepped away from one of the bigs ones and immidiatly one of the big one’s followed it. ‘Aw how cute- the momma doesn’t want to be away from the baby.’ Is what I was thinking. I thought it was even more cute when “the momma” dropped her head down to nuzzle the baby.

cute zebras?

‘Aaaaw- wait- WTF!?’

freaky giraffe behavior

The baby started peeing and “the momma” started to drink the pee!

and then, as if that wasn’t weird enough, “the momma” then lifted her head up and… I don’t even KNOW what that was about…

freaky giraffe behavior

It was like gurgling with the pee- I swear I thought i saw it blow a bubble, and then sticking it’s tongue out and wiggling it around.

That was some freaky ass shit giraffes. freaky. ass. shit.

Random giraffe facts from my Australian friend:

“I have some random Giraffe facts that I bust out every now and then …

* Did you know Giraffes can lick their own eyeballs !

* Did you know, like turkeys, 80% of Giraffes are homosexual !

Seriously !”

Seriously kinky!!!