Our dog is going blind: The good, the bad, the questionable parenting

Jackson’s eyes went from looking a little weird when the light hit them just so. To bad: “Oh hey, yeah, his eyes are looking kind of cloudy… I should probably Google that some time.” To worse: Just about… Read More

Why I’m never taking my dogs to the vet again

There’s no better testament to how much owners influence the behavior of their dogs than the vastly different experiences Aaron and I have taking Jackson to the vet. Aaron is the default parent (yes, I’m using the term… Read More

Thanks for 13 silly, stinky, happy years, Ayla

Ayla, my family dog, died at 2:30pm on July 20th, at 13-years-old. She spent the last four years of her life living with our longtime housekeeper, Elsa — aka. Ayla’s favorite person on Earth. Elsa was by her… Read More

Boston terrier floral arrangement

The Best Week Ever blog posted these photos of floral arrangements shaped like dogs. And it reminded me that I never blogged about the most amazing floral arrangement I’ve ever seen! These dogs are cute and all, but… Read More

The best Valentine’s Day I ever had

I don’t “do” Valentine’s Day. Yeah, I’m one of THOSE people. But, as far back as I can remember the day made me all uncomfortable and squidgy. Even when my first boyfriend got all crazy romantic and sent… Read More

Peezu after bath

I just found this old video of Peezu acting like she’s on crack after having a bath. Enjoy… She’s a special girl.

Dreaming of a life on Maui

Right now, I have one big dream that involves a LOT of little dreams coming true… We live in Maui, in an actual, detached home of our very own, with a backyard for the dogs. Aaron either works… Read More