Our dog is going blind: The good, the bad, the questionable parenting

You can see the cloudy in his eye in this pic.

You can see the cloudy in his eye in this pic.

Jackson’s eyes went from looking a little weird when the light hit them just so. To bad: “Oh hey, yeah, his eyes are looking kind of cloudy… I should probably Google that some time.” To worse: Just about everyone noticed his eyes looking strange and cloudy at the Shark Attackiversary. Just two months ago, in August, we had a party with just about the same cast of characters and no one noticed anything off about Jackson, two months later, it’s being brought up constantly.

They got that bad, that fast, and we were both REALLY worried.

They day after the party, Jacksons cloudiest eye was also red and irritated, so Aaron took him to the vet the next day. (Yes, just Aaron.)

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Why I’m never taking my dogs to the vet again

He's wearing this muzzle because I can't control MY behavior.

He’s wearing this muzzle because I can’t control MY behavior.

There’s no better testament to how much owners influence the behavior of their dogs than the vastly different experiences Aaron and I have taking Jackson to the vet.

Aaron is the default parent (yes, I’m using the term “parent” because “owner” sounds so sterile) to take the dogs to the vet during emergency situations because I am NOT good with blood and panic-y situations.

But I started taking the dogs to the vet for non-emergency purposes because I’m the parent who works at home. In theory, it’s easier for me to be the vet person.

Now, Aaron always reported perfect behavior from Jackson during his vet visits. But the last few times I took Jackson, he’d get panic-y in the waiting room, cowered from vet employees, and bared his teeth at our usual vet!

WTF, Aaron, you liar!? Our baby is a god damn monster. And he really hates our vet. I have no idea why — she’s a totally sweet lady who always speaks gently to him and treats him well. And he’s NEVER been one to hate people. Other dogs while on a walk, yes. But people? No. (Well, except for that one crazy guy once… thank gawd.)

So this time, when Jackson’s weird neck wounds from two months ago refused to heal up completely and seemed to get worse, I begged Aaron to resume his role as “the vet person.” Jackson behavior and my anxiety was making the visits way to stressful for me. And I suspected that my anxiety may even be triggering Jackson’s mood.

Aaron obliged, and took off work to be a good parent. I wished him luck today as he left the house, even suggested he take the muzzle that had come in handy last time.

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Thanks for 13 silly, stinky, happy years, Ayla

323677733_39e4eb5737_zAyla, my family dog, died at 2:30pm on July 20th, at 13-years-old. She spent the last four years of her life living with our longtime housekeeper, Elsa — aka. Ayla’s favorite person on Earth. Elsa was by her side for her last breaths, just as I hoped she’d be, just as Ayla deserved.

The day Ayla died (after crumbling into a sobbing mess, screaming “no!” while Aaron held me) I rushed over to Elsa’s home. I spent hours sitting with Elsa and her nieces and nephews — alternating between tears and laughter — as the WHOLE NEIGHBORHOOD came by to say their goodbyes to Ayla… Read More

Boston terrier floral arrangement

The Best Week Ever blog posted these photos of floral arrangements shaped like dogs. And it reminded me that I never blogged about the most amazing floral arrangement I’ve ever seen! These dogs are cute and all, but our housekeeper of 15+ years did it first:

And this is Ayla, the dog she modeled her arrangement after:

ayla on the bench

Elsa completely surprised us all. We had no idea she could do that! Even better, the reason she made that floral arrangement was because she was so happy that she was officially adopting Ayla from us. Ayla had always lived in our family home, but about a year into owning her it became clear that she was really Elsa’s dog.

The best Valentine’s Day I ever had

I was even feeling the doggy love on V-day.

I was even feeling the doggy love on V-day.

I don’t “do” Valentine’s Day. Yeah, I’m one of THOSE people. But, as far back as I can remember the day made me all uncomfortable and squidgy. Even when my first boyfriend got all crazy romantic and sent me flowers at school, I just felt really weird about it. Ever since then I’ve asked all boyfriends to just not do anything — just ignore it with me.

And so far Aaron’s been amazing at it. He made me something for our first Valentine’s Day (maybe he wasn’t quite sure if it was a trick or not?) and it was the best thing I’ve ever gotten and it is never to be topped. I will hopefully write a post about that later, when I’m not laying in bed about to go to sleep.

And one other year he bought me silly stupid crap just to make me laugh. He went shopping with his best friend who asked, “aren’t you going to get in trouble for that?” Ha.

But this year, this year was all crazy different…
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Dreaming of a life on Maui

Right now, I have one big dream that involves a LOT of little dreams coming true…

We live in Maui, in an actual, detached home of our very own, with a backyard for the dogs. Aaron either works as the sound guy for the MACC or has his own recording studio on the island (whichever will make him happiest). And I’m still able to work for Offbeat Bride and doing wedding photography.

red  hibiscusWhile I’m roaming the same sidewalks of my West Hollywood neighborhood with Jackson and Peezu, I imagine that I’m walking the dogs in Maui instead. I imagine the cool island breezes with the smell of salt water and fragrant flowers in the wind that rustles through the palm trees.

And every time I walk by one neighbor’s bright red hibiscus plant it only helps me make the visualization all the more real.

I imagine what our house looks like — some small island shack with an ohana that doubles as a recording studio and guest house.

I think about how much our dogs love to lay in the sun on the grass of their very large, often overgrown yard.

I imagine coming home to do my work in a living room with a big window overlooking lush garden views that my cat loves to lay in front of. And I think about staring out that window and thanking my lucky stars that I get to live and work on Maui and that my asthma is a thing of the past.

My dreams used to be bigger… fame being the top most dream. But now I just want simple things — to make enough money to be able to afford a small home in the place where I feel my best.