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A text message to a friend today from Paris…

It's been raining hard all day in Paris. So it's dessert and wine tout le tempts. #meggyfinparis #appletart #bordeaux #chocolatecrepe #paris A photo posted by megan finley (@meggyfin) on May 19, 2015 at 12:14pm PDT I’m not really… Read More

The day I became evil and kidnapped my friend before he proposed

I spent my weekend running around the Old LA Zoo in skin-tight pleather, pretending to be my best friend’s evil minion, so that our mutual friends could get engaged. It all started on Saturday…

Group hangs, glasses, and growing older together

So far my 2013 resolution to hang out with friends more has been going really well. Except for my month in Maui (which I even managed to get in some friend hanging time!) I have made plans with… Read More

Doctor Who is back and I’m EGGS-cited!

I’m so excited that I drank the champange (that my in-laws sent me for my 31st birthday) out of my Tardis coffee mug. And then I went on to have many a Twitter conversations about the episode. [WARNING:… Read More

no ties allowed?

I clearly have no time to blog about anything that takes much time. So here’s another silly conversation with one of my friends that only Star Wars NERDS will love as much as I: Ariel: ok, so uh… Read More

My favorite text conversation EVAR!

I was so excited because I had thought I beat him with my last text… and then the next day he slammed me with a final message when I was least expecting it. The bastard. He called me… Read More

So, I think Spock is hot

Last night I watched the new Star Trek with Coco, Aaron and Daren. I, of course, developed a huge crush on Spock. What!? He’s weird looking AND he’s smart and he’s an emotional rebel. Needless to say I… Read More