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Instant model

So if you want to see some awkward pictures of me modeling clothes on a fashion blog (which I have ABSOLUTELY no business doing) check out the newest “Trends I Like” post on Instant Coco. I’m not gonna… Read More

Photos from my first Seattle trip

I posted about our Seattle trip, documented with iPhone photos, over at my photography blog… To see more of our photos head over to the post on photography blog.

So, I think Spock is hot

Last night I watched the new Star Trek with Coco, Aaron and Daren. I, of course, developed a huge crush on Spock. What!? He’s weird looking AND he’s smart and he’s an emotional rebel. Needless to say I… Read More

Seattle here we come!

Photo by Courtney Rosenquist We bought our tickets to Seattle last night and I’m super excited! Aaron and I will be going with our neighbor/amazing friend Coco. We call it our first “Finley-quist” family vacation. (Coco puts the… Read More

I love when shit like this happens…

A round up of cool things that have happened when the stars aligned for some reason… Aaron and I went to Balboa Island just so we could be near the ocean for a little while. Needed a little… Read More

The 1st Annual Attackiversary!

A year ago today (October 29th) Aaron was attacked by a tiger shark in Wailea Beach, Maui and survived! In honor of the attackiversary I decided to throw Aaron a party! My friend Coco and I made him… Read More