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14 gift guides for just about ANYONE

My FAVORITE thing is to find the perfect gifts for people. It’s like a sport for me. I used to do a lot of gift guides on this blog, but then I started doing them years ago, and… Read More

Our Merry Finleyquistmas

Here’s a quicky about the my first Christmas without ANY family. The Finleys spent it with our best friend Coco Rosenquist — hence the “Finleyquistmas” name. We spent Christmas eve with Oliver and Marianne: Coco rocked her reindeer… Read More

Why this atheist loves her some freaking Christmas…

This year is the year that I came out as an atheist. I don’t know why it took me so long to admit and and share it with others. But, I feel a HUGE sense of relief being… Read More

Check out what I just impulse bought

Merry Christmas to me! Wanna see some of the other things I bought for myself for Christmas?

Have yourself a geeky little Christmas

Since it’s Cyber Monday, I thought I’d get all superficial on your asses over these awesome geeky holiday finds. This departure from “serious blogging blogger” is brought to you by this Yoda Christmas tree star and a lot… Read More

Awesome gifts under $20 for your whole family

A few years ago I was going through an extremely bad year, financially, so I had to cut back on my Christmas gift spending. I managed to pull off ALL the family gifts for under $20 and it… Read More

We’ll be home for Christmas.

So Aaron and I were supposed to leave for Texas on the 21st, have an easy time of driving there with the two dogs and make it easily before Christmas. Well, work got in the way and suddenly… Read More