Tag: awesome sea creatures that aren’t sharks

Drawn by Erik

My friend Erik Caines (not to be confused with Erik my best friend/man of honor) is an incredibly talented artist. He has a blog from which he shares a lot of his drawings and doodles and recently he… Read More

Octopi + coconuts 4eva’

This video is definitely making it’s rounds ’round the interwebs like mad, but I have a super sweet spot for octopi and a history of featuring cool videos of “awesome sea creatures that aren’t sharks” especially a cool… Read More

Boring recount of an awesome evening.

Do you ever have those unusually awesome days and think, “today should’ve been my birthday.” I have those every now and then. Yesterday was one of them… Aaron and I went to the Aquarium of the Pacific on… Read More

The engagement story

How can we possibly top “Aaron got attacked by a shark” as our best vacation story? How about “and then we got engaged?”… Aaron never intended to propose to me on our Maui vacation, but he did go… Read More

happy spurt

my cousin jane has given a name to that short moment when something really small, like a text message, or a shoe on sale in your exact size, makes you really really happy. Like the jump-up-and-down-and-clap-a-few-times happy… if… Read More