Lots of sharktastic fun at the 5th annual Shark Attackiversary


Another year has gone by and Aaron has managed to not get himself bitten by a shark! Oh yes, and he also survived that exact thing five years ago on October 29th. In honor of that, ever since the one year anniversary, we invite our friends over, drink shark-themed beers, and chow down on red velvet cupcakes to celebrate Aaron still being alive.

Speaking of the cupcakes, how cute are those cupcake wrappers that I found!? They’re totally made for Halloween, but they were too perfect not to purchase for a shark attack party.

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The 1st Annual Attackiversary!

A year ago today (October 29th) Aaron was attacked by a tiger shark in Wailea Beach, Maui and survived! In honor of the attackiversary I decided to throw Aaron a party! My friend Coco and I made him a cake and invited a bunch of our friends over to celebrate.

As for the cake, we thought it would be funny to make one in the shape of a shark out of red velvet cake so that it would be like you were eating a shark. But that was too hard and so we ended up with this.

Then we had a fun shark attack photo shoot…

Then it was just drinks and hanging out with everyone taking a moment to enjoy the fact that Aaron didn’t die a year ago today. :)