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Saying goodbye: Breaking up the Norton Gang

Since my last blog was about the possibility of moving, I thought I’d talk about a couple that actually made it out of the Norton building and moved on to bigger and better things. My best friend since… Read More

A trip to the farm

I never did really tell you about the time I made a salad from scratch and it changed my life. Not a HUGE life change, but more of a minor life shift. Kind of like a life after-shock… Read More

Wanna see me wearing the ugliest thing that I’ve ever put on my body?

Totally pointless blog post, just to show off some recent photos. I went to visit Coco at her work — the Santa Monica Nordstroms. I decided I needed some new clothes. Over lunch, Coco asked me what I… Read More

Black Friday at Wertz Bros.

I swore that I would NEVER (ever ever ever) go shopping on Black Friday, but yesterday I broke that promise. But I went to Wertz Brother’s Antique Mart in Santa Monica, which really doesn’t count as “Black Friday”… Read More

Highlights from Thanksgiving 2010

This Thanksgiving I chose my outfit according to maximum eating potential — jeggings (elastic waist band ftw!) with an empire waisted flowy top that was ALREADY stained, so I didn’t have to worry about spilling anything. I am… Read More

“Proof of [no] Life” photos

The other day I was “tagged” in a couple of photos from my childhood and I was amazed by the lack of memories that they inspired. This first one is from a party that a “friend” had where… Read More

My birthday shoes!

My best friend (and co-maid of honor) Amy is an amazing artist — she paints, she photographs, she draws, etc. And for my birthday this year, after I mentioned wanting a pair of Toms shoes ONCE a few… Read More