We celebrated Aaron’s 40th NYE birthday like fancy-ass adults

fancy finleys

Aaron turned 40 this year. I met him six months after he turned 30, so I haven’t been around for any of his “milestone” years… till now! I decided to go all out and throw him a big fancy 40th birthday to celebrate his “big kid” status. Okay, I’ll be honest… I was also an excuse to wear the vintage ball gown I purchased 4 or 5 years ago and has never left my closet.

I joined forces with a team of my best buddies and brilliant hosts to pull it all off… Read More

Closings and beginnings: How I met that guy I married at Tom Bergins

This is KIND of what it looked like the night I met Aaron at Tom Bergins.

This is KIND of what it looked like the night I met Aaron at Tom Bergins, as in lots of Guinness was involved and I was probably being campy as fuck.

Just yesterday I got the startling news that my favorite bar in Los Angeles is closing. Tom Bergins has been around since 1936! It was a bar I had always heard about growing up, since it was a popular spot to go after a USC football game. I heard my aunts and uncles tossing the name around for YEARS. When I was finally became a student at USC I did two things:
1. Realize that Bergins was NOT actually on the USC campus.
2. Drank there a LOT.

It’s also where I met my husband.

So I thought, in honor of Bergins, I’d document the story of how we met. It’s long, and probably not too terribly interesting, but I thought it was be a fitting way to deal with all my SAD FEELS! Read More

In which I’m surprised by a pretty rose and a creepy beet

Had this GORGEOUS red rose waiting for me when I got home. That guy I married grew it himself!
Remember when I talked about the community garden plot that I turned down? Well, Aaron went ahead with the idea and is apparently the only person growing roses. His first rose bloomed this week and he brought it home to me as a gift. Awwww, right? And was gorgeous!

I say “was” because this morning I woke up to it lying on my seat on the couch, reduced to the size of a bud with shards of petals scattered about the living room floor. Cats, ammaright?

But that’s not the only surprise I got this morning… Read More

Lots of sharktastic fun at the 5th annual Shark Attackiversary


Another year has gone by and Aaron has managed to not get himself bitten by a shark! Oh yes, and he also survived that exact thing five years ago on October 29th. In honor of that, ever since the one year anniversary, we invite our friends over, drink shark-themed beers, and chow down on red velvet cupcakes to celebrate Aaron still being alive.

Speaking of the cupcakes, how cute are those cupcake wrappers that I found!? They’re totally made for Halloween, but they were too perfect not to purchase for a shark attack party.

Now click through to see party photos and a couple shark-themed party accessories and surprises… Read More

A Nerd Hope: Megan’s nerdy 30 birthday video

I can’t believe I forgot to post this a while ago!

So, I got the absolute bestest birthday present of my lifetime from that wonderful guy I married. He contacted a bunch of my closest friends, family, and co-workers and asked them to participate in a special Nerdy 30 birthday video:

* The Star Wars scrolling intro.
* Special art work by Bill Nye the Science Guy.
* Oliver’s video that made me cry.
* Daren sending in his video from an Airborne Toxic Event tour.
* Stephanie and her friend drinking at the airport and singing me happy birthday.
* Erik being… Erik.
* Ariel and Tavi’s catchy tune (also Ariel’s boobz!).
* Aaron’s laptop theme.
* All the scenes from Olvera Street where Aaron spent a day collecting awesome trinkets for my other special birthday present.

Thank you thank you THANK YOU to everyone who participated in this movie. I’ve watched it a countless number of times now and I’m always BLOWN AWAY by the amazing people that I am lucky enough to be friends with. Wow. I’m one freaking lucky 30-year-old. I LOVE YOU ALL!

Aaron’s 37th NYE birthday blowout

Aaron's 37th NYE birthday party

Once again, Aaron’s birthday rockin’ eve was an amazing time. There was a lot less people at this party then at years past, but it was just as much fun as they’ve always been. For those of you who don’t know, Aaron is that guy I married and his birthday is 12/31. We both used to hate that birthday date because, well, making reservations for dinner is a nightmare and most of your friends can’t hang out because they’re trying to give their partners a nice evening. So we started throwing an annual New Years Eve birthday party for people who don’t feel like celebrating New Years Eve with the masses. And it’s been our favorite day of the year ever since.

Here’s how this birthday blowout went down:

Animal masks were donned:

Megan (koala) & Aaron (giraffe), Daren (monkey) and KayLee (tiger)

Aaron's 37th NYE birthday party

Ari as the creepy horse.

The Finleyquists were together, as always:

Aaron's 37th NYE birthday party

There was much dancing:

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Our Merry Finleyquistmas

Here’s a quicky about the my first Christmas without ANY family. The Finleys spent it with our best friend Coco Rosenquist — hence the “Finleyquistmas” name.

We spent Christmas eve with Oliver and Marianne:

Ollie and Marianne

me and the Zoo

Reindeer slippers
Coco rocked her reindeer slippers.

The next morning, aka Christmas, I got up before everyone else, turned on our fireplace, and spent the morning with my fur babies…
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