This is a long, boring recap of a superiorly stressful day

Yes, I had a fucking DAY. It was intense. I think I handled it well. And it ultimately ended with “chi chi” cocktails with Ken at a tiki bar. So, all’s well that ends with chi chis. But here’s what happened…

me in front of riverton

Me in front of my future home?


I fell in love with another house. But it needs a LOT of work — leak in the kitchen so bad the walls are pealing away, a leak in the bathroom turning the wall brown, and everything needs to be re-grouted, an add-on that needs to be completely torn down, a backyard that completely overgrown, termites, rot, etc. So my friend Jessica asked her contractor to meet me at the second open house. Bright and early, I met my hottie realtor and Alex the contractor at the open house. Alex came back with good news — he thinks the immediate repairs will be under the budget I gave him. So I decided to move ahead and make an offer.

On the way home, I stopped off at the AT&T store…

I needed to take myself off of Aaron’s family plan before the new bill cycle started, and sign up for an international plan for my trips next month. It started off well, it was early on a Tuesday, so the line was short. But then, as Lee the AT&T guy was explaining that I am now not on the Family plan, and am now on an Individual plan, the tears started welling up in my eyes. How poetic. I am no longer a family. I am individual. Poor Lee handled it as well is he could have handled getting all the billing information from a crying woman sitting next to him in the middle of an AT&T store.

Then when I got home, I realized that I also needed to cancel the home phone line for the callbox — it made it easier than thinking about who’s cell phone should ring for the front door. And while I was at it, I changed the internet service over to my name.

Life hack: If you ever need to change your internet services, just tell the person helping you that your husband left you, and that’s why you need to make the changes, but keep your address the same. They’ll hook you up, and wave fees and shit. Especially if you get a rep who’s had her ex-husband serve her with divorce papers WHILE SHE WAS IN LABOR.

Then I hopped online to do some work, and Ariel wants to have serious biz talk, and I just about lose my shit. Luckily she was nice enough to ask if I was “too fragile” to talk about it in that moment, and I was like OH GAWD YES. But, of course, now I’m stressing over what the serious biz talk is about. (Update: we had the convo — all is fine right now.)

But she does ask me for details about my trip to Iceland, and I realize that the date I’m supposed to leave is 10 days away, and I have heard NOTHING from the person who is arranging the whole press tour. No tickets have been purchased, and no emails have been returned for days. I start to get really nervous. There are a few things I need to purchase, like my tickets to Boston (the deal was, I get myself to Boston, they get me to Iceland), and some cold-weather clothes that this Los Angeleno does not own. But I don’t want to purchase anything until getting everything confirmed. (Update: It’s now 5 days away, and still no word — all is not fine right now.)

As evening approached, I grabbed my pups to take them on their nightly walk. On the way back to the apartment, I checked the mail to my heart stopped. There was a letter from my mother-in-law. I ran back into the apartment to read it. It was sweet, and wonderful, and exactly what I needed. I wanted to make contact with them, but that’s Aaron’s family first, and I didn’t want to overstep my bounds. Also, you never know what your partner has told them, in this kind of situation. But they let it be known that they still love me and want to be there for me. I was relieved.

I sat down to write my in-laws a heartfelt letter back, tears streaming down my face as I wrote, and was interrupted with a phone call from my realtor. Turns out, if I’m making another offer on a home, I needed another pre-approval letter… and time as running out to get my offer submitted! (Update: I got it in in time. In fact, it’s gone on to counter-offer time, but that’s for another post.)

It was no wonder that I was, at this point, running late to my dinner plans with Ken. So I jumped in the car and headed out, and that’s when I got the rare phone call from Aaron… his grandma had died. What do I… How do we… What does a separated spouse do in this situation??? I was kind, and listened to him, offered my condolences, and made a mental note to re-write my letter to my in-laws before the post man snagged it from the mailbox the next day.

Then it was cocktails with Ken, who could not believe the day I had. Neither could I. Seriously, sometimes I still forget, but then there’s days like these that just won’t let me.

6 thoughts on “This is a long, boring recap of a superiorly stressful day

  1. Ben Haley

    God *damn* what a goddamn day. But you freakin’ did it. Thank you for keeping us up with your story. Hang in there, and flee to Seattle whenever you wanna, we got a guest room.

  2. Kim

    Megan, what a shitty day and what shitty news to receive regarding Iceland. I hope you won’t have many more of these ott days and you and your mother will spend a glorious time in bon Paris.

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