Dear SUV driver that almost killed me today,

You know, STOP SIGNS are there for a reason right? Not only did you not stop, you didn’t even pause! Not even a California roll!!! I felt the wind of you car as you zoomed past me and my dogs, standing in the street. Like you were too important to stop, and my life was not important ENOUGH to give a moments thought too. And I hope to HELL you heard the things that I yelled at you.

I had one foot in the street when you were half way down the block, surely, I thought, enough time for you to see me and come to a full and complete stop. I had taken my second step by the time you hit the stop sign and thank GOD I didn’t take that third step or I would’ve been plastered to the Mercedes sign on your grill.

What if I was one of the dog owners that let their dogs walk out in front of them? If that had been the case you would have killed my family. I would have had to see my dogs run voilently under the wheels of your ugly silver monstrosity. Happy Halloween I guess!

Look, I’m writing this to vent because I am just so damn frustrated by how many people just DON’T STOP! This isn’t the first time I’ve seen this happen, it’s just the first time I’ve actually felt the wind the car makes as it puts my life, and others, in danger.

I’m also writing this open letter as a way to ask/remind/beg every one who reads it to please at least PAUSE at stop signs, if not stop completely. I never really gave thought to how important a “full and complete stop” was, until I became a twice daily pedestrian when I got my dog. And I was amazed at how many people just didn’t care about other people (or their pets). If just once one of my dogs got away from me, as dogs are want to do, they could’ve been killed so instantly. And for what? Shaving .00001 seconds off a drive to work? Or, in the case of today, to get to the god-damned 7-11!??? (Yeah, she pulled into a freaking 7-11.) Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, stopping. So important.

Just think of the puppies! Won’t someone just think of the puppies!? Seriously though, that’s what I do. Every time I come up to a stop sign, or come out the other end of an alley, I imagine someone is walking their dog without a leash down that street. And it makes me think before I just keep going. I wish I could remember who told me to do that, but whoever did totally changed my whole attitude about stopping. Believe me, I was QUEEN of the California roll! That person, and dog ownership have changed that for the better.

Okay, I feel better now, thank you for letting me vent. And thank you for (maybe?) taking this message to heart.

And SUV driving bitch that almost killed me? I hope you choke on your Slurpee.

with aloha,
Megan, Jackon & the Peez

the Lake Mead houseboat trip

Jackson sez, "Drive safe!"

One thought on “Dear SUV driver that almost killed me today,

  1. Alex

    Yikes! So glad you are OK. Mannnnn scary! Always assume no one sees you is my motto. I hope that asshole runs into a tree later. be safe

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