Bordom, bathrooms, and bewbs? How I’m learning to like Snapchat

snapchat filter weirdnessSo… I’m on Snapchat now.

Well, technically “again” — I downloaded it once before and then hated it so much that I deleted it.

But SO many people pressured me to get on The Snapchats recently — friends and co-workers. The strongest argument was from Ariel, who was all “You work on the Interwebs, gawdamnit, and this is a thing you should know about and use.”


But it just doesn’t feel like a great fit for me. I’m a collector, I’m a virtual hoarder, and I’m a frequent re-visiter. So the disappear-y-ness of Snapchat makes me sad. I also figured it was mostly a platform for horny folks to chat outside of their dating apps. But turns out… not just for bewbs and dickpicks…

Yesterday — when I was bored walking around Atwater Village, and frustrated while filing taxes, and then waiting in the Valley for Mike to finish a casting meeting — Snapchat was a nice distraction. I sort of live Snapped the day…

And that was the moment I realized what Snapchat is good for — bored people sharing their boring days. If I filled up Instagram with all my silly boringness, people would unfollow me. I don’t want that, i want you to follow me on the Instagrams — that’s where my happy is.

But when I feel the urge to share a bathroom selfie…

marvel super hero on her day off

or some mayyyybe-interesting sights around town…

fairfax cat pubes with your breakfast

or broadcast minute details of a fun night…

Snapchat is actually the perfect platform!

So if your gratuitous selfie game is strong, find me on Snapchat (@meggyfin) and I’ll see you there when I’m bored!

Oh, and if you have any tips on how to use Snapchat so that it doesn’t suck so much butt, please fill me in!

6 thoughts on “Bordom, bathrooms, and bewbs? How I’m learning to like Snapchat

  1. Caroline Diezyn

    Smh — “I downloaded it once before and hated it so much I deleted it”

    That was ME who got you to download it and even back THEN you were late to the party! Seriously though ngl I’m glad you’ve bloomed into it (fINALLY) 😉

    1. meganfinley Post author

      That’s right! OMG, I forgot that. The app has changed a bit since that time, right? It seems like it’s easier to save pics or something? Caroline! Teach me what I need to know!!!

      1. meganfinley Post author

        HOW DO YOU SEND PRE-EXISTING PHOTOS!? I know of a way to send them to individuals, but how do you do it on your story???

        1. kimmy

          you have to upload enough snaps and then you EARN it!!! Check out the trophy case! PS. No tips for you, you’re doing GREAT! DON’T CHANGE a thing. OK, maybe you could use more of the wonky faces…… 😉

        2. meganfinley Post author

          Ohhhhhhhhhhhh. Damn it. I think that’s stupid. The Snapchats should let you upload pics to your story to begin with — I would have been using this dumb thing more a LONG time ago.

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