Seattle here we come!

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Photo by Courtney Rosenquist

We bought our tickets to Seattle last night and I’m super excited! Aaron and I will be going with our neighbor/amazing friend Coco. We call it our first “Finley-quist” family vacation. (Coco puts the “quist” in “Finley-quist.”)

I’ve never been to Seattle before, but a know a shit-ton of people who live there, including my “boss” — yes BOSS, I got an offbeat promotionAriel. And I’m super excited to see her again, but this time in her massively prego stage. The last (and first) time I saw her she had just begun her pregnancy and was barely showing.

The reason for our trip is this thing called the Glitter Sale. Apparently for two days in November, the Goodwill in Seattle puts out all their amazing glitzy and glamorous clothes, shoes and jewelry. Coco goes every year and gets some amazing formalwear to show-off at all her holiday parties. And these clothes are usually sparkly and amazing and all on the cheap, since it’s Goodwill. So, this year I shall accompany her and see what I can find. 🙂

Anyone who I know in the Seattle area is more than welcome to join us. I believe we shall be arriving early and camping out for the opening. I haven’t done that since… well, I’ve never done that. So it’ll be cool to have as much company as possible.

3 thoughts on “Seattle here we come!

  1. Andree

    fun!!!!! go to "i love sushi" it's amazing!!!! and have Pikes clam chowder it's the worlds greatest!!!!! 🙂

  2. Ariel

    I'm sort of embarrassed that I've never even HEARD of the Glitter Sale. And I've lived here all my life. What's wrong with me??

    Looking forward to seeing you soon! Don't I owe you, like, 15 underling beatings?

  3. megan

    Courtney says that she's embarrassed for you! She lived there for 6 months and she found that shit! 🙂 you should come!

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