Saying goodbye: Breaking up the Norton Gang

The only photo of the entire Norton Gang. (L-R: Coco, Megan, Aaron, Ari, Amy, and Tristan. Bottom row: Chips and Maybelle.)

Since my last blog was about the possibility of moving, I thought I’d talk about a couple that actually made it out of the Norton building and moved on to bigger and better things. My best friend since I was two-years-old, Amy, and her husband Ari took off last week to move to THEIR NEW HOME in South Carolina! Yup, those two crazy kids bought themselves a home. If anything makes you hate Los Angeles real estate, it’s seeing what your friends and family can buy in any other state for a home price that DOESN’T EVEN EXIST here.

Anywhoo. The thing is, Amy and I have never lived more than an hour (or two in traffic) away from each other in our lives. Now she’s on the other side of the country. My heart is broken. Every day I have to walk by the empty apartment that used to be mine and then theirs, and I feel like crying. The painters came the other day to re-paint it and now it doesn’t even smell like them anymore. I feel sad and lonely and… well… jealous.

Family dog pile: Ari, Amy, Maybelle, and Chips.

Family dog pile: Ari, Amy, Maybelle, and Chips.

I have dreams of grabbing my husband and our pets, packing up all our shit and driving off together into the future (and out of LA), just as Amy and Ari did. But that doesn’t keep me from being happy for them! I do miss my childhood-to-adulthood friend and her awesome husband. But, as my friend Lisa put it, “You know they are just making the country a smaller place by going.” And that made both Amy and me feel a bit better about the preveiously-unexperienced miles between us.

And now here are some photos just make this blog post a little more sappy and sad…

Amy and me in 4th grade.

At my Sweet 16.

Partying at age 21.

At Amy’s wedding last year.

At El Cholos the night before they left.

Just because this photo is amazing.

One thought on “Saying goodbye: Breaking up the Norton Gang

  1. Lisa

    *sob* sob* for you guys, I miss them and we are only here 3 weeks of the year (yes THAT is now a real thing) so can only imagine the heart break BUT don’t be saddened by it, OWN it! Get the piggy bank a-rattling and get some visit tickets booked…you never know, that guy you married might LOVE it there and you can stalk the hell outta them and become their neighbours…you never know, it might just happen! Shit happens when it happens for a reason! Chin up sunshine and remember Kimmy’s quote also…rainbows in the rain! 🙂 xxx

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