How to make an easy-yet-super-impressive Rice Krispie treat cake

how to make an easy rice krispie treat birthday cake

I thought I’d let you in on the easy-but-impressive Rice Krispie treat cake secrets, and ALSO tell you how to make the most delicious browned butter, sea-salt Rice Krispie treat recipe…

Inspired by this post on Offbeat Bride, my buddy Jessica and I made a three-tiered Rice Krispie cake out of her famous browned butter Rice Krispie treats.

Here’s how you can follow suit and make one of your own…

What you will need:

three nesting bowls
First, find three (or more) nesting bowls with flat bottoms. I think these are technically souffle dishes. You can find similar ones here. Then you have to butter the HELL out of them, from top to bottom.

melt a stick of butter
Melt an entire stick of butter.

brown the butter
Throw in a few pinches of salt and stir it until the butter is browned.

rice krispie mix
Mix together one large box of Rice Krispies to one bag of large marshmallows. This three-tiered cake took two of each.

pour the rice krispie mix into a bowl
Quickly pour the Rice Krispie mixture into a bowl, before the mix cools.

press the rice krispie mix down
Using a piece of wax paper, press the mixture down, making sure to squeeze out any air bubbles.

repeat the process

rice krispie molds
Repeat the process with all the molds, and let them all cool off.

use a knife to loosen
Once cooled, use a knife to loosen the sides of the mold from the bowls.

smash down the bowls

rice krispie cake layers

Using something like a wooden cutting board to soften the blow, turn the bowls upside down, bang them hard against the board, and the Rice Krispie mold should slide out.

stacking the layers
Now all that’s left is to stack the layers!

three tiered Rice Krispie cake

how to make an easy rice krispie treat birthday cake

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