Rey cosplay and Death Star waffles

I’ve been getting back to my geeky roots lately, and it involves two of my favorite things: Cosplay and waffles. Wanna see what I’ve been geeking out on? First, and most importantly…


A few months ago, Mike’s mother, Valerie, asked me if I’d be interested in her making a Rey costume for me. She had just seen the Star Wars trailer, noticed that Rey’s costume didn’t seem too hard to make, plus there was slight resemblance, so… Would I be interested in “something like that”?

My reaction was something like this…

Over the next few months Valerie started gathering up clothing, fabrics, and old purses to strip down to their leather-y bits. Every now and then she’d text me pics of what she’d found. And every time I got a text from her, I was all…

Then, apparently, she took it to the next level by dying the fabrics and clothing she had found, and even enlisting her amazing husband to help. Here they are making the staff from items purchased at Home Depot…


Then, last week, Val appeared with a car-full of fabric and crafting supplies, and we got to work. Of course, by “we” I mean, I sat working for the Empire, while Val worked at her sewing machine, every now and then going back and forth taking my measurements and then scurrying back to the sewing machine. Until she somehow created this masterpiece…

rey cosplay front and back

rey cosplay

Readers, this is Valerie — Mike’s mom and (much like my own mom) she’s one of the most incredible, inspiring, energetic, unstoppable-forces-of-a-woman that I’ve ever known…

valerie and me

I unleashed one of the copslay photos on Instagram last week, so far it’s my most-liked photo on Instagram, AND a few of my copslay heroes have reached out to say what an awesome job this is, and that we should definitely do photo shoots together at the next convention. (It just may be the first convention I actually cosplay at, as I now have a convention-worthy costume!!!) Which made me feel all…


In other Awesome Mom News: My own mother gifted me the best thing ever created, the Death Star Waffle maker. Mike and I finally got a chance to use it the other day.

We happened to have one banana in the house (I know! A perishable! But it was an accidental perishable, left behind by Mike’s mom. Chill.) So Mike brilliantly suggested that we mush it up and add it to the waffle batter. So we made banana waffles and I topped my Death Star waffle with (the aptly-colored) blackberry syrup!

So there ya go, lots of Star Wars-related awesomeness for your face. I hope to get the costume and the waffles even more finessed, and rock that shit constantly!!!

6 thoughts on “Rey cosplay and Death Star waffles

    1. meganfinley Post author

      Thank you! Embarrassingly, I have only seen the new movie once, so I was trying my best to access what I remembered from her looks. WOOT!

  1. Halley

    This looks amazing! How did you do the hair? I’m planning a Rey costume for the next Star Wars Celebration, but haven’t started yet. Also, any chance you’ll be rocking it at WonderCon this weekend?

    1. meganfinley

      The hair was actually easy. Just do that thing where you go through all the motions to make a pony tail, but at the last second you just let your hair stay looped instead of pulled all the way through. Then wrap the extra hair around each loop/hair band, and bobby pin it as many times as it takes to stay put. Do that three times.

      I’m going to TRY to get to Wondercon. But I don’t have anyone to go with this year. 🙁

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