Noticing the little gifts I’ve been given

My gifted coffee from today. In fact all the things in this photo were gifted (yup, even the inhailors).

My gifted coffee from today. In fact all the things in this photo were gifted (yup, even the inhalers).

I really love giving. I love paying for lunches and dinners. I got the giggles when I borrowed a friend’s car and got to surprise him by filling it with gas. I like picking things up for my neighbors when I go grocery shopping. But my favorite is giving people the PERFECT gift.

Lately, I’ve been so consumed with finding the “perfect gifts” for people this Christmas that it’s actually been stressing me out. So it was really nice to spend a day thinking about what gifts that I’ve received instead. All the little surprises and niceties really helped to make this normal day super wonderful.

Things that I was gifted today…

  • A last minute appointment at my favorite hair salon. (thank you Siren)
  • Lot’s of hugs and kisses. (thank you Aaron)
  • An invitation to watch a movie with my best friend. (thank you Coco)
  • A very open, honest and wonderful blog comment. (thank you James)
  • A cute video save-the-date to feature on Offbeat Bride. (thank you Nicole)
  • A cafe au lait delivered to me. (thank you again Coco)
  • Having some business-y shit printed out for me. (Coco once again)
  • A helpful phone call from my mom. (thanks mom)
  • A packaged delivered right on time. (thank you post man)
  • A Christmas card from my grandparents. (thanks grandma)
  • A text message from two of my friends who are hanging out together letting me know that they were talking/thinking about me. (thanks Ken and Joe)
  • Having a boss that hits me up just to make me laugh or vent or bitch to or just to link me to awesome videos. (thanks Ariel)
  • My husband walking the dogs at night because he knows I get too cold and scared to walk them after dark. (thanks Aaron)

But now I’m back to finding gifts for others…

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