Dreaming of a life on Maui

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Right now, I have one big dream that involves a LOT of little dreams coming true…

We live in Maui, in an actual, detached home of our very own, with a backyard for the dogs. Aaron either works as the sound guy for the MACC or has his own recording studio on the island (whichever will make him happiest). And I’m still able to work for Offbeat Bride and doing wedding photography.

red  hibiscusWhile I’m roaming the same sidewalks of my West Hollywood neighborhood with Jackson and Peezu, I imagine that I’m walking the dogs in Maui instead. I imagine the cool island breezes with the smell of salt water and fragrant flowers in the wind that rustles through the palm trees.

And every time I walk by one neighbor’s bright red hibiscus plant it only helps me make the visualization all the more real.

I imagine what our house looks like — some small island shack with an ohana that doubles as a recording studio and guest house.

I think about how much our dogs love to lay in the sun on the grass of their very large, often overgrown yard.

I imagine coming home to do my work in a living room with a big window overlooking lush garden views that my cat loves to lay in front of. And I think about staring out that window and thanking my lucky stars that I get to live and work on Maui and that my asthma is a thing of the past.

My dreams used to be bigger… fame being the top most dream. But now I just want simple things — to make enough money to be able to afford a small home in the place where I feel my best.