How is a green onion like a gemstone?

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I think almost every small veg with a name I don’t recognize is green onions. Shallots (no). Chives (no). Scallions (yes)! Leeks (no). Scallop (no). If you say any of those words to me, I think of a green onion. This has been a long-standing joke with Jessica, and one recently shared with my friends Lisa and Alex.

A few months ago Lisa and Alex gifted me this tiny prasiolite with a note explaining that prasiolite means “scallion stone” and to “please make me into a piece of jewelry.”

It was one of the most thoughtful gifts I’ve ever received, and it meant a lot to me. It was a tiny marquise-shaped stone, and I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with it. Would it look to engagement ring-y if I made it into a ring? Maybe a necklace? Gah, I don’t know.

ring setting example

Then I stumbled up on this image. I found it on Pinterest with absolutely no source, of course. And a reverse image search came up with nothing. So I just had this crappy, tiny photo of the perfect fucking ring for my stone.

Armed with this crappy photo, I went to my jeweler and he thinks he can whip something up! I’m excited for a lot of reasons…

One is that I’m going through some rough stuff right now, it would be nice to give myself something nice to wear every day, to be reminded that I’m loved and have wonderful supportive friends all over the world. (Seriously, you never know where Lisa and Alex will be — they’re traveling the world in their camper van.)

Speaking of traveling the world, I’ll be meeting up with Lisa and Alex in Iceland next month. (More on that later, I promise!) I’m going to be stoked to show them the final product of their thoughtful gift.

And there’s the hippy dippy part too. When Googling prasiolite, I came across some posts about it’s “healing powers.” And, given the fact that I’m going through a rough time, I’m happy to hear that it apparently helps to clear negativity, fosters self-acceptance and self-honor, strengthens the emotions, the mind and the will, and protects the wearer from intoxication (woot!).