PICs from the VIC

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Another awesome late night Erik Kertes show at the Vic!

And as usual I took pictures at the request of Erik. And I would like to thank all the people that I found myself leaning into, climbing on, sitting on and standing in front of. Sorry to all those people that I annoyed. Mostly these folks…

and these guys…

also them…

and especially these boys!!!…

anyway, here are the pics…

Now on to the pics of the show….

your host and bass player- Erik Kertes
John Storie- Guitar

Aaron Arntz- Piano

Miguel Atwood-Ferguson- Viola

Matt Mayhall – drums

Sara Gazarek

Jon Graney

sara and john were awesome!

this one’s for john…

this john.


and now a photo by sara gazarek

thanks for an awesome show everyone!!!