The Refrigerator

I threw out all of his food today.Salami, Swiss cheese, mayo, chicken burritos, olives…All in the garbage.It’s my fridge now.Cleaned of everything I don’t eat.He can buy his own shit.

The Black Bag

I resent that black bag. Hanging around his neck like an albatross. It will be the death of us. He carries it with him like a life preserver to save… Read more »

"heroes are rare"

“Nobody can stay in the garden of Eden…. I wonder why. …. Perhaps life only offers the choice of remembering the garden or forgetting it. Either, or; it takes strength… Read more »

The Watch

He looked to me like a stranger last night. I looked at him; at his face, at his hands, trying to find something of that boy I loved in high… Read more »

The Safe Box

I remember opening the door to the tiny closet in which my mother hung her dresses. I would part the heavy skirts and crawl through till I hit the back… Read more »

EVERYTHING has meaning

everything has meaning. every action, every effort (yeah… even the slightest one) and consequently every rejection. just know this- everything has meaning