How I hacked my anxiety with my iPhone

Oh hai. This is my being ready for an American Horror Story: Coven-themed party a full hour and a half before I need to leave.

Oh hai. This is my being ready for an American Horror Story: Coven-themed party a full hour and a half before I need to leave.

If you’ve been paying attention… or attended an event with me… or attempted to make a movie date with me, you know that I have intense anxiety. A large portion of my anxiety revolves around timeliness.

I am the most on time mother fucker you know. I’m the definition of “If you’re early, you’re on time, and if you’re on time, you’re late.”

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My tiny, apartment-friendly fireplace

That guy I married likes to joke that it’s because I’m a Leo (a fire sign) that I’m OBSESSED with fire places. My best girl friend Jessica makes fun of me for freaking out EVERY TIME there’s a fireplace at an open house. The house could be a dilapidated wreck, reek of cat piss, and have zero character, and I’ll always go, “OOH! There’s a fire place!”

My parents fireplace.

My parents fireplace.

So when I spent a few days at my parents’ house in Texas last month, I barely moved from in front of their fireplace. If I could have gotten INTO the hearth, I would have. Seriously, this was my “office” for the trip… Read More

Buying a “second home” when you don’t even have a first home?

lake arrowhead properties

I had a new crazy idea to satiate my home and backyard lust

A few months ago, that guy I married texted me out of the blue with the idea to buy a piece of land up in the mountains and plop a trailer on it. That way we can go up and basically camp with the dogs, and then AirBnB it when it’s not in use. I decided, “nah, I’d rather drive myself crazy trying to find an affordable home with a yard for the dogs in Los Angeles.” Hahahaha.

Recently I decided to just check out what properties are going for in and around the Lake Arrowhead area…

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Wanna see my vintage real estate porn?

The latest time capsule home I've fallen in love with.

The latest time capsule home I’ve fallen in love with.

So, I usually keep all of my decor freak outs and real estate lust over on Offbeat Home. Buuuuut… The Homies overwhelmingly didn’t want real estate posts, and I had to stop doing them. But that doesn’t mean that I have stopped finding awesome homes that delight and inspire me and make me want to share em all of the internet. Also, if I had my way, Home would be mostly decor round-ups, but there are only so many themed bathrooms that the Homies can take.

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How to make an easy-yet-super-impressive Rice Krispie treat cake

rice krispie birthday cake

Ever since we threw that guy I married a kick-ass 40th birthday party, people have been asking about how we made the three-tiered Rice Krispie cake. So I thought I’d let you in on the easy-but-impressive cake secrets, and ALSO tell you how to make the most delicious browned butter, sea-salt Rice Krispie treats…

Inspired by this post on Offbeat Bride, and knowing Aaron isn’t much for cake, I asked my buddy Jessica to help me make a three-tiered Rice Krispie cake out of her famous browned butter Rice Krispie treats.

Here’s how you can follow suit and make your own for your own birthday times… Read More