Stop everything: You can buy a 1lb bag of JUST cherry Starbursts

Holy shit balls! I just found out that Amazon sells one pound bags of JUST the best kind of Starbursts — the cherry kind.

$15 for an entire bag of my favorite flavor? My mouth is salivating, and my teeth are aching at the thought.

It’s not just cherry though, they have all the kinds of Starbursts available by the pound. I’m not sure why the Strawberry is more expensive than the cherry. Clearly, cherry is the best. Also, not surprisingly, the lemon is the cheapest. Ew. What the hell is someone gonna do with just the lemons? Torture someone? Probably torture someone.

Okay, go back to whatever you were doing, I’ll just stare at this Amazon page and have an internal struggle with myself.

Marriage homework: Describing my vision of a satisfying partnership

the finleeeez

That guy I married and I are back in couples therapy. This time around it’s a totally different beast. We’re not doing that cliche “partners at each other’s throats/it’s all your fault/no, it’s all your fault” thing. Even our therapist is surprised at how calmly and nicely we communicate. Pssh. That’s what our first run through couples therapy was about.

The first time we did couples therapy we learned about non-violent communication. We learned that the things we think we’re doing to each other, are actually things we’re doing because that’s just what we’ve always done… for reasons. We learned about those reasons. We just basically learned to understand each other better, communicate with each other more efficiently, and take a more active role in being married. Then we stopped going when we realized we were just talking about the same things over and over. Things we had already figured out, and mastered.

Therefor we thought we had solved marriage! When really… we had just solved the first couple of marital puzzles: who we are together, and how to talk to each other.

Three years later, we realized that there was more puzzles we needed to solve: How do we grow up as individuals together? What happens when our life goals don’t meet up? And can we navigate “deal breakers” without breaking our deal?

Basically, we got our “now” figured out, but what does our future look like? Honestly, we don’t know yet. At this point in our lives — me in my early 30s, Aaron in his early 40s — we both have different views of what we want for right now and for our future.

So our therapist has us doing some “homework.” One of those things was to write out 10 brief statements describing our vision of a deeply satisfying relationship — including qualities we want to keep as well as ones we wish we had. And we gotta keep it positive and write in “we.”

I came up with eight things pretty easily, but I’m having difficulties coming up with two more. Sometimes blogging helps me pull thoughts out of my brain, so I thought I’d barf ‘em out here and see if I can come up with all 10…

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“I did not come to steal from you, O Smaug the Unassessably Wealthy.”

smaug as jewelry holder

How perfect is is that I turned my Smaug Pop Vinyl into a jewelry holder? Smaug has never been happier. Dude loves bling. (I also love that ring giraffe something fierce.)

I shared that image on with Offbeat Home’s Facebook, and it’s almost gotten 300 likes!

This idea came about after Aaron groaned about having yet ANOTHER toy sitting around our apartment. So I grabbed the necklace I was wearing at his birthday party, threw it around Smaug’s neck, and said “there, now he has a purpose — he’s not just decorative!” In yo FACE, Aaron. ;)

B-type messes & dreams: Why Tetris is the ONLY game I play

tetris time

There’s a whole big wide world of nerd-ing that I don’t get: Gaming. I don’t like playing video games, and I don’t really like board games all that much. I’m more of a puzzle kind of girl. But I still have the very first Game Boy that I bought with my very own money. It’s “berry” (because Game Boy Color had just come out) and it only ever has one game inside of it — Tetris.

When I shared that photo above on my Instagram, I immediately got the question “what’s your highest level?” Is that like the Tetris equivalent of “how much do lift, bro?” I think so. ;) Here’s the deal: Although I’ve been playing this game since I was a pre-teen, and I consistently beat everyone in our yearly family vacation Tetris competitions, I have NO IDEA what my highest level is. But I do remember seeing the rocket at least twice in my life.

I still keep this bad boy in my bedside table, and it’s actually one of the things that helps me manage my anxiety. You wouldn’t think that a game that gets increasingly faster and harder would help my anxiety, but for some reason it does.

Nowadays, I play the B-type levels and work on building the blocks down instead of working on leveling up. I mean, obviously I level-up as I play, but I like the anxiety-easing pleasure of un-fucking the B-type messes. Maybe there’s something about it that reminds me that there’s nothing so fucked up that it can’t be un-fucked. And if all it gets out of control, and I find a B-type mess that I can’t un-fuck, there’s always another chance to fix it, and not just fix it, but clear up the space and level up like a BOSS.

I have always liked to play Tetris before bed because it relaxes me, plus there’s the added Tetris Effect bonus. Have you ever noticed that you dream about Tetris after you’ve been playing it… like… a wee bit too much? Oh yes, it’s been proven playing too much Tetris will pattern your thoughts, mental images, and dreams! To get all Wikipedia rabbit-hole-y with it, it’s a form of hypnagogic imagery!

In short, science has proven that Tetris is the coolest game ever.

You can imagine, then, my immense pleasure when stumbling upon this bedding design on ModCloth… Read More

Stormy day-themed bedroom decor

stormy home decor

A rare storm approaches LA. I’m excited — we desperately need some rain, AND I love nothing more than curling up before my “fireplace” and listening to the drops falling on the roof.

Grey is my new favorite color when it comes to home decor. I’ve rounded up a bit of, well, everything. From the bed to the bedskirt, and the the floor to ceiling, here’s my take on bringing the certain-something of a stormy day, inside your bedroom… Read More