Closings and beginnings: How I met that guy I married at Tom Bergins

This is KIND of what it looked like the night I met Aaron at Tom Bergins.

This is KIND of what it looked like the night I met Aaron at Tom Bergins, as in lots of Guinness was involved and I was probably being campy as fuck.

Just yesterday I got the startling news that my favorite bar in Los Angeles is closing. Tom Bergins has been around since 1936! It was a bar I had always heard about growing up, since it was a popular spot to go after a USC football game. I heard my aunts and uncles tossing the name around for YEARS. When I was finally became a student at USC I did two things:
1. Realize that Bergins was NOT actually on the USC campus.
2. Drank there a LOT.

It’s also where I met my husband.

So I thought, in honor of Bergins, I’d document the story of how we met. It’s long, and probably not too terribly interesting, but I thought it was be a fitting way to deal with all my SAD FEELS! Continue reading

How’s the Aruba trip going?

So this place exists in Aruba! I'm loving my tour with @arubatourism y'all. #nofilter

I actually have some time to relax right now on this awesome press tour of Aruba! It’s funny, there’s been a lot of talk the past few days about how tiring press trips are and how NO ONE could ever understand unless you’ve been on one. From the moment my tired feet have hit the ground I’ve been going non-stop. Crashing late at night and getting up early in the morning. Don’t get me wrong, I’m LOVING it. I’m a lucky bitch with an amazingly generous boss. (Thanks Ariel!!!!) Because, as much as they run you fucking ragged on these press junkets, they take you to experience things you’d otherwise never get to do. (Unless you’re in a totally different tax bracket from your typical blogger/freelance writer.) Like these things… Continue reading

Filed under “happy spurts”: Gay marriage, new friends, and Aruba!

It’s a great day y’all, for many reasons:


I remember the day that gay marriage was approved in California. I was engaged to be married myself, driving down LaBrea with the top down on my Mini Cooper, and the good news came on the radio. I became beyond giddy that I would be getting married at a time when ALL my fellow Californians could do the same. Then I remember the crushing and confusing blow of Prop 8 being passed. What the fucking fuck, world? That night I stared out my window and cried while a bunch of spontaneous protestors streamed past me down Santa Monica Blvd. I grabbed my dog, Jackson, and took to the streets. it was the first time I ever protested anything. And the years went by and I just became so disappointed in my fellow human beings.

Well, this morning I woke up to great news! Both DOMA and Prop8 have been struck down by the mutha-fuckin’ Supreme Court! And my inbox looked like this:


New friends!

Chick-fil-A for a marriage equality celebration lunch! I wore a special tee. (Photo thanks to @bwalloch!)

My good friend Ken (of whiskey-drinking podcast fame) introduced me to his good friends (of meme party fame). And since then I’ve gotten more awesome party invitations than this lonely geek could ever even have dreamt about in her bestest dreams. These new friends are awesome, y’all. I even got to hang out and celebrate today’s civil rights victory with them. How else, but at a lunch date at a Chick Fil A!? As you can see, I wore a special shirt for the occasion.


Two weeks ago I got asked if I wanted to go on a wedding-themed press trip to Aruba. The answer, of course, was YES! I leave at midnight for Aruba. No, seriously, Aruba. I’m going there. I’ll be back Monday night.

And so begins “Megan’s IRL tour of the song Kokomo.” Who wants to hit up Jamaica with me next?

Welcome home to… a SWARM OF BEES!

I really want to re-edit this Zillow commercial to put all manner of HORRIBLE THINGS in the house after she opens the door:

I was thinking a gruesome murder scene, a bear fighting a T-Rex, or a Furry orgie. My friend Brittany suggested, “Like bees. A buttload of bees.” I laughed so hard I cried re-watching the commercial and imagining that one.

What else can we put behind the door? And who wants to make this edit happen for me?

Father’s Day, Fitbits, and financial anxieties

UntitledIt’s fitting that today is Father’s Day, as I find myself a sniveling, crying, shaking, scared mess, literally crying out “I just want my dad!” This car situation isn’t getting better, in fact I’m even more freaked out. SO freaked out that today, on the day my friend who used to be a car salesman was going to be take me car shopping, I woke up totally fucking sick. Stressed-induced sickness — it’s a thing.

This whole car bullshit couldn’t come at a worse time. I just shelled out a sizable chuck of my savings to pay for a new laptop, and I’m still feeling the pinch from that. I thought I wasn’t going to be able to take a vacation this summer until I found a good price on Maui airfare. So I bit the bullet and splurged a little, which I now regret. And I just had to take a significant reduce in pay, but not necessarily workload. And now my car has decided to crap out on me, forcing me to decide — during this already stressful and confusing time — to invest in a car that I’ve outgrown, or decide to get a new one ASAP.

On top of this, I’m struggling with a lot of guilt. Working for the Empire we constantly have to think about “checking our privilege.” (So much so that it’s become a running gag — I laugh to keep from crying.) So during one of my panic attacks last night, I cried to Aaron that I know I’m being an asshole. Talk about “check your privilege”… I’m totally upset that I have to decide between spending money I do have to keep a car that I still like, or spend money that I can somewhat afford on a newer car. Boo fucking hoo, right?

To which Aaron replied that I shouldn’t be so hard of myself. This clearly IS hard for me. I’ve never bought my own car before. I’ve never spent this kind of money before. And I’m also dealing with a lot of other financial issues at the same time. I have to remember that sometimes, even though — yes, there are totally worse things a person could have to deal with — I need to be kinder to myself. Me feeling shitty and then telling myself that I should feel shitty for even feeling shitty, isn’t going to help my anxiety. Which is totally something my therapist was helping me work through.

Of course, I just canceled my therapist to make up for the loss of income, so I’m a fucking mess.

Anyway… let’s write about other things… Continue reading

New transmission or new old car? Help!

Don't let the adorable bunny hat fool you. This car is being a dick right now.

Don’t let the adorable bunny hat fool you. This car is being a dick right now.

Apparently Mini Coopers have this problem where the transmission fails a LOT earlier than, oh, every other car (except for Smart cars). There’s even a class action law suit about it in the works.

My car has 60k miles (which is really good for a car that’s eight years old I may say) but I just found out that it needs to have it’s transmission replaced. Which I suspected, when it refused to shift into a higher gear as I was merging onto the 101 the other day.

That new transmission will cost me about $3500. And that’s on top of the belt issue that needs to be corrected, and any charge for labor. FUCK!

So my options are thus: Continue reading

Supporting marriage equality through language on the Offbeat Empire

Fighting the good fight through my awesome job.

Altar your thinking, and watch your language.

Maybe I’m overly sensitive, but the fact that I have just been visually assaulted by two gender-normative, wedding-related bullshits in the mere matter of minutes has really pissed me off. One was website selling “wedding blessings” to “celebrate the marriage of a man and woman…” And one was on Pinterest: a book titled “Prayers for your future husband” pinned under “for my daughter.”

And though it’s not surprising that both these things were religious-based — whatever — that’s not even what’s pissing me off. What is getting to me is the assumption that marriages are hetero-normative.

It baffles me that people still assume that it’s always “man and woman,” or “bride and groom,” or that your daughter’s going to marry someone’s son.

A while ago my friend Drew wrote an awesome post on that marriage equality equal sign that swept through Facebook: Don’t Let That Red Equals Signs Become a Hollow Gesture. My favorite part of it, as an editor, was this… Continue reading