gold details for your table scape

Target’s golden eye: Snag these gold home decor accents before they’re gone!

5 Piece Izon Flatware Set - Gold

I’ve talked before about how Target is just killing it with their home decor items right now. I recently saw my co-workers’ golden flatware set on her post about her INCREDIBLE Guardians of the Galaxy cake. My reaction: “Wait. Where did you get those golden forks!?” And she was all, “I got these at Target! I snatched ’em up real fast.” She’s a brilliant woman, that Catherine.

So I thought I’d take another peep at Target’s home goods, and holy shit… it’s I knew they were killing it, but I had no idea how brutally they’re slaughtering the field of gold home decor accents… Read More

STAR WARS! Nothing but Star Wars!: I just need to (spoiler free) gush about Star Wars El Despertar de la Fuerza

This was me last week…

Just 5 more days until El Despertar de la Fuerza!!!!

Just 5 more days until El Despertar de la Fuerza!!!!

And this was me today… Read More

yankee swap gift ideas

Best yankee gift swap ideas under $30: Gifts people will literally fight over

Last time I got a fun and funky for the White Elephant gift guide. But what if you’re trying to please a larger crowd? This year I had to buy gifts for my very first Yankee Gift Swap. Unlike White Elephant gift exchanges, these gifts should actually be good and useful, you know… things people really want, things people will fight over!

I used a couple of the ideas in this post, but here are things that are sure to become the most popular item at your Yankee Swap or family gift exchange… Read More

Clearly my color palette is of blacks and greys, feel free to wear more color than I do. ;)

What to pack for Bogotá, Colombia + 5 tips from someone who lives there

Seeing as how I never thought I’d travel to Bogota, when the tickets were booked for a trip in December, my huge question was: what do I pack? Fortunately, we have friends living and working in Columbia (shout out to Narcos on Netflix!). So we reached out to them to get some tips on what to pack for a trip to Bogota.

Here are the super-helpful tips from our friend Shelly, who’s lived there for a while, which really helped me figured out what to pack for Bogota…

What to wear while in Bogota:

Okay, so safety is important. We have heard and been close to people that have had their phones, money, and/or jewelry taken right off of them. BUT don’t be scared you can avoid this by making a few small changes… Read More

Hola from Bogotá

Just a quick “hola” from a Crepes & Waffles in Bogotá, Colombia before the battery dies on my laptop…

in bogota

I’m writing this in mother fucking Bogotá . After waking up in mother fucking Bogotá with the man that I love. After a night of wandering around eating and drinking in mother fucking Bogotá, with the man that I love, and our actual friends who live in mother fucking Bogo-fucking-tá.

This is my life. This is all happening. This is real. I wake up every morning literally thinking, “holy crap. I’m in mother fucking Bogotá.”

I have no idea how I got so lucky. But I’m so damn thankful for it. I might be annoying Mike with how much I’m thanking him for this experience. But I still feel like I should be thanking him more.

This whole trip has been unbelievable so far…

From my first glimpse of the city lights, nestled snugly between darkened mountains, I felt a moment of shock. The entire month building up to this trip was so fraught with talk of cancelations, that I never really let myself believe that I’d be here. But, once the very real flight started making it’s decent into the very real city of Bogota, I couldn’t deny it any longer. I — WE — had made it.

Wandering around the city, one hand clutching my purse and the other being held by Mike, I can’t help but risk face-planting into the uneven sidewalks (that are littered with gaping holes and missing bricks) as I glance wildly around. I feel like I’m trying to actively take all in, just in case the experience (like my purse) could be snatched away from me at any moment.

And yet, every morning I wake up, and I’m still here. And so is Mike. And every morning I say “gracias.” And every day the city responds “con gusto.”

Mike and me on our day trip to Monserrate.

Mike and me on our day trip to Monserrate.

unique white elephant gifts

Unique christmas and white elephant gifts that’ll win the holiday season

It’s that time again: Time to stress about gift-giving! As I was shopping for the people on my list, I kept seeing gifts that were SO AWESOME, but so not exactly right for my shopping needs. So maybe these unique gifts will help you win the holidays this year, or at least make a killing as white elephant gifts… Read More

Operation “waffle all the things” is off to a delicious start

Fresh out of the waffle iron box!

Knowing that waffles are my favorite thing, my boyfriend Mike got me this waffle iron (surprisingly, not this waffle iron) as a present for our six month anniversary. We have since made waffles, and they were good.

Then we wondered, what other things can we make on a waffle iron?

In our quest to become the world’s foremost waffle iron chefs (okay, I might be overstating things a bit) we have started scheming up waffle iron recipe plans. And this morning we executed our first masterpiece…

The Waffled Egg Melt (aka. the “diet waffled egg melt”) (warning: this is not diet in any way)…

Read More