Our Long Beach vintage boatventure weekend

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By request, here’s a wrap up of how our overnight on a boat went this past weekend.

Aaron and I got up and out of the house at around 12 on Saturday (miracle!) and headed down to Long Beach. It took no time at all, which was awesome. By the time we arrived we were hungry, so we at at the Yard House, where I got a message from the boat owner, Dave, that his boat was actually visible from Yard House’s patio. So we ate while we stared at all the boats and just generally had a great time hanging out together. We haven’t had much time TOGETHER recently. I have to say, I think that lunch was my favorite part.

Anywhoozles, here’s our weekend in photos…

Our boat was the only one in the second row that that has a blue mast — I know it’s super hard to see. It’s to the left.

Aaron took this pic. He entitled it “Megan Fab-ley.”

Once on the boat, we were shown around by a guy named Adam, who apparently went from working at a Costco for six years, to saying “fuck this” and buying a boat for $5000. Now he’s hired to help care for 13 (or so) ships in the Long Beach harbor, with a crew of three people. Pretty awesome story, yes?

Talking story with Adam inside the boat.

But sometimes you gotta end the hang because spear guns need to be sharpened.

The boat had a pirate and Sailor Jerry theme — the name of the ship was Hori Smoku, with pinup-style artwork, and pirate props all around. GOTTA love that!

Crotch shot!

We napped an epic nap in the V-Berth.

At night, we had dinner along the harbor, and then came back and relaxed on the boat, watching the lights and the people on the harbor, and their reflections in the water, slowly rocking back and forth, until we couldn’t keep our eyes open anymore and went to bed… where I was woken up REPEATEDLY by some jackass who plugged in an electric guitar into an amp on HIS boat, and proceeded to butcher Nirvana tunes until almost 4am! Aaron slept right through it, I tossed and turned for hours just wanting to sleep. When he finally stopped, I was amazed at how freaking quiet the marina got.

The next morning we awoke with absolutely no plans and no idea what to do. We had to be off the ship at noon, because it was being chartered that day by someone. So, I hung out and read, while Aaron and slept some more (of course). I thought I would be bored to death, but I was just thankful to have a relaxing morning with no laptop in sight, that I never felt bored. Just super content.

Awesome car turned bench in Long Beach

Thankfully, that morning we got a hot tip from the lovely Beretta Fleur about a place in Long Beach that’s great for vintage shopping and browsing. So we ditched out plans to go to the aquarium for the millionth time, and headed out to explore something new.

I fell in love with this vintage dining set, but I bought a pair of black and pink Doc Martins instead.

And then there was this ridiculous cat painting that stared at me down an aisle of used clothing.

Then we drove home where we were greeted by two happy dogs, who had had a great couple days with their Uncle Joe. 😉