Our first garage sale: A little cash but a LOT of fun

Our garage sale when it was fresh and new. (There were more items down the driveway.)

Our garage sale when it was fresh and new. (There were more items down the driveway.)

We had our first garage sale, and it was awesome — thanks to ALL YOU GUYS and your super-helpful tips…

We made signs and taped them up around the neighborhood the night before — around 7pm. At first Mike laughed at my small, colored construction paper signs. But, after roaming around and taping them up all over, he realized that larger signs would have been so cumbersome, and harder to attach to things.

I left space on all the signs to add the all important arrows after they were secured to the poles. Thanks for all the hot tips on the arrows, y’all. Aaaand, as we roamed the neighborhood, we stopped in to our local bar and got change — another hot tip we wouldn’t have considered.

Though they be small, they be effective.

Though they be small, they be effective.

We told people the sale would start at 8. But, sure enough, at 7am, when we were loading all the stuff in the driveway, people were showing up nice and early. But whatever! They bought a WHOLE MESS OF STUFF when the sale was fresh, and we were all about higher prices.

Mike’s sister Jessica came to help us, and contribute some tchotchkes to our not-so-big sale. That was our greatest lesson: Have at least three people. Because there were times that I’d have to run into the house to get scissors, or coffee, and Mike was haggling, and there was no one left to talk to the other garage sale people. Plus, it’s just more fun to hang out with a group during the boring down times.


Fortress America

At one point — maybe an hour in — the crowds dwindled, and I thought “oh no! We’re going to have to bring all of this crap back into the garage, or drive a million times to Goodwill. That’s when Round 2 started, and we, with fresh fear of having to keep all our crap, started lowering prices like crazy.

In the end, we didn’t make much money, but we gained a LOT of garage space and had a whole lot of fun. Which was the whole point, really.

garage sale before and after

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