only in LA… a story w pictures

I believe this incident warrants a blog… 
We heard the helicopter before we actually saw it fly right by the window of my friend’s downtown rehearsal space. I happened to be there today because I was taking pictures of my friends– Erik, John and Jake’s band. When the helicopter interrupted us we did what most people do– we all stopped what we were doing and thought, “ooh, helicopter!” We watched it attempt what we assumed was a landing that wasn’t going so well. We all continued to watch this wobbly helicopter “landing” when all of a sudden “rat-a-tat-tat-tat-tat!!!!” Flames started emenating from the front of the copter as it started raining gun-fire down onto the streets of downtown LA! What the fuck!? The four of us stared in complete shock. And then there was a loud bang and dark smoke started billowing from the side of the helicopter. Something from below had shot back and that something was powerful enough to cause some serious damage. 
Once the pilot had regained control it made a hasty retreat right by the window and then out of sight. Somewhere in between confusion and complete shock we started laughing and wondering aloud, ‘what the hell is going on?’ 
And then John, out of no where, yells, “OH!” And we all tear our eyes away from the window and look at him. Then, as sirens start blaring in the background, he explains “They’re filming a movie! They Star Wagons were all parked outside of my apartment this morning.” And sure enough, ten minutes later, the helicopter is back, firing bullets and billowing smoke followed by the police sirens. I love this town.
when faced with certain danger John screams, Jake stares in horror and Erik tunes. 
i also scream in terror!!! but much later… at cafe 101 
hanging around in the lost and found. 
I just like this picture. camera phone pics… 
me & erik 
me & john. 

***UPDATE*** FEBRUARY 24, 2006
So… I’m in the midst of an extremely intense episode of 24 (are there any other kind of episode of 24??) and what do I see but that damn helicopter!!! How exciting! Mystery solved. I should have known though, I mean, there is only ONE person that is BAD-ASS enough to be able to shoot a helicopter down from the fucking sky— JACK BAUER!

3 thoughts on “only in LA… a story w pictures

  1. Ken

    Oh, that story didn't end the way I thought it would. I so wanted a violent crash and some sort of chase with Jan-Michael Vincent involved. Yeah, that's right… I made a vague reference to Airwolf on your blog.

    My L.A. story of the night… I was having dinner tonight when I realized that I forget to set the VCR to tape tonight's episode of Arrested Development. I remembered that not because of some sudden flash of recovered memory, but because one table over from me was Tony Hale, the actor who plays Buster Bluth, having dinner with his wife and friends. Only in L.A. indeed. G'night, kids.

  2. Kira

    i had a silmilar icident happen to me on valentines day… umm i dont know if u read my blog… but it wasnt for a movie. there were helicopters thou… no flames though (such a shame) but a truck filled with massive dildos, on a high speed pursuit that ended in my moms drive way. ok ok ok… maybe its not that similar… but a way intense situation… i had guns drawn on me 🙁 what a way to spend V-day… haha

    Good pics though… you are a great photographer.


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