NPR, VWs, and OBH: all the awesome things

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In order to make up for my last post being private (sorry guys, this is also my personal journal sometimes) here’s an update of ALL THE AWESOME THINGS!!!

Yesterday I enjoyed one of the coolest perks of my job — I got to go to the NPR West studios to record a story for Definitely Not the Opera, described to me as “the Canadian version of This American Life.” Apparently my Offbeat Bride post about the wedding photographer who forced us not to smile caught their attention, and they asked me to come in to record.

Buttons on display in the NPR West lobby. Of course I grabbed a few.

In true Megan-sabotage style, I got TERRIBLY sick right before going in to record my stupid voice for a national radio show. I had to postpone it until I felt better.

I took a second to sneak this pic while recording.

I still sound sick, but, oh well, I still feel super excited about it. Apparently the segment on smiling will be broadcast (in Canada) this Saturday and I’ll have a link to the podcast for my US peeps.

When I got back from NPR, my dad and I took a few hours to “play cars” together while he’s in town. We fixed the gas pedal, after a lot of cussing and turning our bodies into really painful shapes, replaced the broken sunshades, and gave her a bath. Then I took her out for a spin. It had been MONTHS since I had attempted to drive stick and I was quite rusty — no more feel for the clutch/gas pedal flow, forgetting to put it back to first after stopping, etc. I was so rusty that I eventually had to stop because I was making myself nauseous with all the jerky starts! Ah, driving stick.

Have I mentioned that I took over managing Offbeat Home? After this sadness was announced, Ariel and I (even Stephanie, Superman, and Caroline!) started getting to work on writing Home posts like mad women. But I think, as far as I’m concerned, I’m doing a good job. The balance of Bride and Home still needs to be worked out, but, as the weeks go by, I’m starting to get the hang of this thing.

So, if you’re ever missing (non-private) blog posts over here, you can pop over to Offbeat Home and see more of my contributions to the internet, like shark pet beds and more of my dream homes.

Speaking of work, it’s time I get back to it.